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#TheSkippableWishes That You Don’t Want To Skip

A cheeky twist on an end-of-the-year holiday message by Publicis Groupe CEO, Maurice Lévy!

Despite enduring what he admits has been a “bumpy ride” in 2015, Maurice Lévy still seems to have his sense of humor intact in his traditional annual holiday message titled “Skippable Wishes”

What starts in an ordinary fashion, with Lévy at his desk accompanied by a mandatory mea cuppa thrown in for authenticity, warns viewers not to expect “anything funny or any technological tricks,” only to break his promise on both accounts.

While acknowledging that most viewers are tempted to skip bothersome YouTube ads to get to real content, he gives you a chance to avoid his dry, corporate message with a “skip Maurice” button instead. He knows you never paid attention to him anyway, you were too busy marveling his ridiculous French accent.

maurice levy skippable wishes 2016

So you happily click on the trusty, “skip Maurice” button but (spoiler alert) Mr Lévy is kind of unavoidable!

You can either see him deliver his message gravely from behind his desk or watch him crash a series of spoof commercials delivering the very same speech. Like so:

Levy CEO-bombs some bog-standard ads that (let’s face it) groups like Publicis rely on for a stable income. We see Maurice feed yogurt to a model and make a mess of it, we see him vigorously clean his teeth, wash his shirt and wear it wet, and we see him wear a wig, whipping his hair back and forth. In the final spot he pops out of a basin in a dishwashing liquid commercial and gets a dose of scrubbing himself.

All the while, he talks about the French communications group’s year, highlighting achievements and events, and declares that 2016 will be a year of “No Silo, No Solo, No Bozo,” making a reference to the company’s restructure.

All we can say is, while this is the first corporate video you are encouraged to skip, it is also one you don’t want to.

The #skippablewishes video was done by Marcel and Prodigious and shared on the Publicis Groupe website here.

It is dedicated to deceased Publicis Groupe staffers Fabrice Dubois and Yannick Minvielle, and to all the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13, 2015.

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