Search & Gather Drove Results for Active Learning Platform Top Hat

Search & Gather has been bringing new ideas and approaches to Top Hat’s marketing team since they first began working with them.

They’ve worked to implement a measurable and scalable digital marketing strategy. Within the first year of working with the company, they managed to increase paid conversions by 890%.

About Top Hat

Top Hat is the leading active learning platform for higher education. Their unique educational software drives student engagement in the classroom by leveraging the power of the smartphones and tablets that they bring to class to be used as learning tools.

Their approach is proving to be a hit in the classroom, 75% of the leading 1,000 colleges and universities in North America are now using Top Hat.


Search & Gather brought Top Hat new ideas and approaches to their marketing that the company was hesitant to try before. They knew that in order to increase conversions, they had to target qualified leads with the right messaging.


Paid Social

Top Hat was unsure whether paid social would be a worthwhile investment. Search & Gather worked with Top Hat’s team testing creative and audiences to finally achieve success on the paid social channels.


Existing campaigns were targeting elementary and high school teachers, but with their strategy, they knew they’d have to specifically target university professors. They used a variety of platforms, notably LinkedIn, to target people with the correct job title.


They started building their audiences around self-declared professors as a safe way to ensure they were getting the qualified leads they were after. Once consistent performance started coming through, they broadened their audiences to lookalikes which allowed them to scale their performance significantly. Once they established their audience, they started testing new platforms, including Instagram, LinkedIn, and Spotify.

Within the first year of working together, they reached:

  • 890% increase in paid conversions
  • 42% decrease in CPL

About Search & Gather

Search + Gather is a Toronto based digital marketing agency that helps businesses grow by implementing effective paid digital strategy.