ProperExpression Helped an Online Luxury Retailer Grow Revenue by 39% with Revitalized Digital Advertising

ProperExpression revitalized the growth marketing strategy, ad campaigns, and reporting of an e-commerce luxury retailer.

About the Client

Their client is one of the oldest and most well-respected names in fashion, offering exclusive and custom-tailored clothing, sportswear, footwear, and accessories for men and women. Founded in the early twentieth century with the goal of dressing the American consumer in the very finest of men’s clothing, their client has since become one of the leading names in menswear.

The Challenge

Ads were underperforming & results were difficult to track. ProperExpression’s client was budgeting over half a million dollars a year in digital advertising spend but was having difficulties getting the right visibility into its ads, and channel performance. They were looking for an agency that would help them appropriately attribute revenue and optimize ROAS.

Their client Identified the following main issues:

  • Online traffic and sales were declining.
  • Revenue metrics in GoogleAnalytics and eCommerce software (Magento) weren ot matching.
  • The bidding strategy resulted in spending most of the budget on cold audiences that were unfamiliar with the brand.
  • Ads were receiving low engagement, especially visual ads, with only a handful of products getting more than 5 clicks.

1. Low purchase volumes online

Despite significant investment in advertising, purchase volumes were low and declining.

2. Low return on ad spend (ROAS)

Due to a lack of proper tracking, it was challenging to understand ROAS per campaign, but overall, revenue was not significantly higher than ad spend.

3. Poor visibility through reporting

Sales metrics were inaccurately attributed, and KPIs were not matching across platforms.

The Solution

1. Transition from Adroll to native platform advertising

Platforms like Adroll provide little control over ad placements and audience personalization, which are the two main lever of optimization. By directly advertising through Google and Facebook, ProperExpression could access better ad inventory and tailor placement based on results.

2. Introduction of varied creatives

ProperExpression introduced diverse formats (still, video, gif, carousel) and content types (product, model wearing product). Showing different content to the same audience over time significantly boosted engagement.

3. Implementation of funnel-based advertising strategy

They targeted cold audiences with a low budget and engaging content. ProperExpression created warm audiences based on interactions with the ads. They focused high bids on people showing high purchase intent (video views, click through, etc.), leading to higher conversions.

4. Implementation of granular attribution reporting

They reconfigured Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to gain access to accurate, granular data into revenue generation across channels. This enables ProperExpression to work with their client to continuously optimize ads with certainty that it impacts the bottom line.

The Results

  • 1. 39% increase in revenue from online sales
  • 2. 22% increase in Revenue from Facebook Ads
  • 3. 37% increase in new users
  • 4. 28% increase in average time on page
  • 5. 8% increase in conversions
  • 6. 23% increase in transactions

About ProperExpression

ProperExpression blends art, data science and digital innovation to deliver creative solutions to quantifiable problems. The strategies and tactics ProperExpression execute for clients manifest into multi-channel campaigns that directly impact the bottom line. With a results-driven culture and strong emphasis on tracking and data analytics, they work closely with sales teams to push deals across the finish line, maximizing the ROI of every marketing dollar.