Beyond Teamed Up With Warner Bros. And Created An AI-Powered Chatbot

Beyond teamed up with The Warner Bros Studios as part of Tour London.

The company worked in the making of Harry Potter to create an automated chatbot with broad lexicon which relates to the Warner Bros brand requirements and can think, feel, and respond in a variety of scenarios. By providing an intuitive customer experience that could deliver realtime responses and provide relevant information, the chatbot has reduced customer service inquiries and increased bookings for additional facilities at the tour.


Warner Bros. Studio Tour London needed an intuitive customer experience that delivered real-time responses to queries and surfaced the most relevant information about bookings, schedules, and special events.

Beyond began by building an AI-powered chatbot, the behavioral research for which laid the foundation to a revamped site that could deliver the same captivating experience as the tour itself.

They tend to increase conversion rate for ticket sales by 24%, and decreased bounce rate by 77% from reorganizing the architecture, reprioritizing the content, and dramatically improving the mobile experience.

Lean research & validation

The team have discussed product vision, goals, and user-needs with stakeholders, and then conducted rounds of interviews with current Customer Service and Community Management team members for a clearer view of user-needs before content creation process. The result of this collaborative approach created faster results that worked well for the business, because people from the inside contributed to shaping the direction the whole way.



Information Architecture

Understanding the needs of both stakeholders and visitors to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter site, Beyond designed a new site structure that led users to the information they most needed — and were most lacking. The resulting architecture clarified what visitors should expect of the tour, reduced customer service inquiries, and increased bookings for additional facilities.