Zest Digital is Transforming Polythene UK into an Online Market Leader

Polythene UK is a leading supplier of polythene products to some of the UK’s best-known brands. The multi-award-winning firm is changing the perception of its industry by driving investment into greener packaging solutions.

As Polythene UK’s preferred agency partner, together Zest Digital has transformed its digital presence over the years turning them into an online market leader. Through SEO and PPC campaigns, Zest Digital is proud to be Polythene UK’s most effective sales channel based on revenues generated.


To maximize visibility across search and to generate a 5-10x return on investment from online channels.


A structured search marketing campaign to create long-term repeatable value through SEO, blended with short-term viability tests using paid channels.


Through two iterations of the website, Zest Digital has continued to improve conversion rate % to lead using data to inform their actions. Following their proven method of setting out clear objective-based tests, and following them through to prove or disprove a theory, Polythene UK has benefited significantly from their marginal gains approach.


Zest Digital has generated its client £m’s in gross profit and has established them as a market leader in the online search space whilst providing a constant supply of qualified opportunities. Polythene UK has continued to grow its business whilst saving on additional overhead and allowing the company to train its already highly effective team.

James Woollard, Managing Director, Polythene UK said:

I cannot recommend the team at Zest highly enough. Our visibility on Google and elsewhere brings us new business every single day. These are opportunities that would quite simply never have found us if it wasn’t for their exceptional ability to deliver results year-on-year.

About Zest Digital

Zest Digital is an award-winning digital agency, focused on driving revenue growth for its ambitious clients.

Zest specialises in positively influencing the two most important metrics that challenge businesses marketing online today; increasing the volume and quality of traffic and conversions from digital channels.