Paint The Town Red: Aumcore Is Listed As A Top Digital Marketing Agency

Aumcore is an international digital marketing agency that offers 360° marketing solutions for various industries.

From user experience and SEO to creative campaigns, Aumcore is driven to help their clients succeed. This approach has led to their recognition as a top digital marketing agency across the globe.

Aumcore has a unique vision appropriately referred to as #Aumthink. It has five components: #Passion, #Thinking, #Storytelling, #Innovation and #Results.

Their passion speaks to the way they think about the digital landscape. It’s so much more than a tool, it’s part of their culture. Digital is the language they speak. Their team is filled with strategic thinkers, content creators and innovative technologists who prioritize the web. Aumcore is focused on creating strategies that fit specific needs in order to produce positive results for their clients.

Denon is the leading manufacturer of premium home and personal audio products. They sought help with their SEO, and Aumcore answered. HEOS is their line of wireless speakers that allows a user to play music from anywhere in their home.

Since wireless products are so popular, they wanted to ensure their brand could be seen when their target audience searched for the terms, “wireless speakers”, “wifi speakers”, “multi room audio” and other related terms. When the line launched, their original URL was “”. We converted it to “” to keep things short and impactful, and further gained leverage from social posts and PR activities related to Denon.

It is this type of attention to detail that landed Aumcore on‘s list of Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in New York.

Qspex is a B2B (business-to-business) brand that needed help reaching its target audience; they wanted to bring more consumer awareness to their company. Aumcore’s unique solution was to create media optimized for the highest targeted impressions-per-dollar-result. The Aumcore team also created a microsite that geographically targeted New York City. In order to really drive the message home, Aumcore focused its attention on placing Qspex media in the one place New Yorkers can’t ignore: the subway.

With 11.5 million impressions combined, the results were astounding. In only two days, their digital banner ads generated an additional 476,290 impressions!

These results signify why writes brand strategy as their top service, and why Aumcore is recognized on a national level next to other larger digitally acclaimed brands on

But what makes Aumcore really stand out among the crowd is their focus on nurturing small and mid-sized businesses.

For example, Chesapeake Bay Candle was a brand on the rise who sought help communicating directly with their customers. They came to Aumcore for the development of their first eCommerce site, and also wanted to make sure independent gift stores could purchase large orders at wholesale prices.

Aumcore’s solution was to leverage their extensive experience in B2B and B2C website design and integrate elements of UX and UI to create a vertically integrated website with cross functionality. Two months after the launch, all sales and conversion rates exceeded expectations, and Chesapeake Bay Candle realized its goal with first quarter average transaction dollar amounts.

Aumcore is different from other agencies because of their approach fulfilling the needs of their client. Their team pays close attention to detail, allowing them to produce unique solutions that create positive results.

Aumcore’s drive to help their clients succeed gets them recognized as a top digital marketing agency.

About Aumcore

Aumcore is a globally integrated multidisciplinary marketing agency based in NY with an efficient team of Strategic Thinkers, Client-Centric Managers, Creators of Content and Innovative Technologists. We speak “digital natively” offering complete 360° marketing solutions with a high level of experience in multiple industries (for B2B and DTC business models) including Healthcare, Consumer Products, Finance, Manufacturing, Technology, Start Ups, and many others.

Our staff speaks over 10 languages, and we are supported by our partners from our offices in Atlanta, Canada, UK, Malaysia and India – leveraging best practices learned from across our diverse experience in industries around the globe. Let us engage with you with measureable results in Brand Strategy, Creative Services, e-Commerce, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Blogger Engagement, Product Launch, and Campaigns.

Derived from the core of our unique approach using “AumThink” where collaborative ideation begins, Aum (or Om) is a universal symbol of ultimate consciousness. For us it is not just a meditative sound or a symbol. It drives our passion.

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