Natural Medico Product Reducing Hospitalization Costs Will Be Branded From Copenhagen

In the hospital system around the world, huge costs of hospitalization are connected to hibernation of the wound healing process.

Biotec Pharmacon has found the solution, which they in collaboration with WeThink will raise awareness about on the international medical market.

Chronic wounds cost a lot of resources every day in home care and hospitals. A part from the economic perspective, the long duration of the wound treatment also has psychological consequences for the patients.


Norwegian Biotec Pharmacon ASA has, with their active substance Soluble Beta-Glucan (SBG), found a natural solution to treatment of chronic wounds. A solution that will save money for hospitals and improve the quality of life for patients. Copenhagen based WeThink will be in charge of the international branding of Soluble Beta-Glucan (SBG) and the wound care product Woulgan, which contains SBG.

Nature’s miracle cure – from fish pond to wound care

It all started in a fish pond in Tromsø, Norway back in 1987. In connection with a widespread fish death, researchers from Tromsø University by accident discovered that far fewer of the fish, which had received a yeast cell with the natural beta-glucan, were lost. It resulted in the finding of a wonder drug, which was later called Soluble Beta-Glucan. SBG naturally boosts the body’s macrophages, initiating the natural immune system, which is a ground-breaking step on the road to streamlining the healing of chronic wounds.

Biotec Pharmacon has already tested the drug in their product Woulgan, which has shown excellent results – both in terms of shorter hospitalization periods and especially for improvement of patients’ quality of life.

New business area with Danish lead agency
SGB is a flexible substance, which can be used in many forms and products. Therefore, Biotec Pharmacon has decided that they will offer their drug to other companies working within the field of wound healing. Furthermore, it is also being tested in a special type of cancer treatment. Hereby, they enter a completely new business area, where WeThink will help develop identity, brand and marketing strategy for SGB. A work that is already in progress with good prospects.

Vice President for Woulgan and SGB, Finn Ketler, is in charge of the new effort and expresses great satisfaction with the cooperation with WeThink:

From the very beginning, WeThink has shown great interest and understanding of the area. They have been extremely effective and managed to develop a strong creative universe that reflects an otherwise very complex area.

WeThink is responsible for developing the marketing strategy, visual identity, sales material and new website for SBG. In addition, the agency will also refresh the existing Woulgan universe visually.

Although WeThink has other pharmacy customers in their portfolio, they view this project a lot different due to the fact that they have been involved from the very beginning:

Digital Project Manager, Fie Bygholm Risager says,

It has been exciting being involved from the beginning branding such a ground-breaking product internationally. The medical market is complex, so it requires great market understanding to break through. The entire communication concept is now being implemented, and we look forward to measuring the effects.

There are many aspects in the new collaboration. First and foremost, the goal is to spread awareness of SGB so more patients can have a successful healing process.

In addition, the collaboration gives Biotec Pharmacon and WeThink the opportunity to combine their strongest competencies so that this natural medicament is allowed to flourish in a strong and creative collaboration on the way to the international market.

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