Metric Design Studio Designed and Developed a Mini-Site for Infiniti

Metric Design Studio partnered with global agency TBWA to design a mini-site for the launch of Infiniti’s 2014 QX70 in China. Infiniti is a luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker, Nissan.


Infiniti collaborated with CCTV’s A Bite of China 2, a documentary that showcases the history of food, eating habits, and cooking techniques in China. Metric Design Studio had a tight deadline for this project, as the mini-site had to be up before the nationwide airing of the first episode.



Metric Design Studio designed and developed the mini-website and its key visual presentations. The mini-site featured a deep integration with Weibo’s API, as there was a live contest during the airing of the show.



The design of the website front page presents a photograph of the QX70 with various Chinese food ingredients and spices edited into the environment, mirroring the theme of A Bite of China 2.


Increased media attention of the QX70, which in turn reached potential customers for Infiniti

About Metric Design Studio

Metric Design Studio was established in 2013, MDS is an award-winning, independently owned integrated digital agency in Shanghai. They specialize in web design & development, graphic design, e-commerce management, and WeChat solutions.

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