KOTA Created a Stand Out Platform Worthy of the Status and User Traffic

KOTA was tasked to create a stand out platform worthy of the status and user traffic.

The Brief

Over the last 30 years, Matchroom has pioneered the showcasing of sports such as boxing, snooker and darts. Barry and Eddie Hearn have promoted these niche sports into now global events, drawing stadium crowds and a hugely grossing pay per view audience around the world. With the focus on boxing events now bigger than ever before, KOTA was tasked to create a stand out platform worthy of the status and user traffic.

KOTA’s approach was to cater to the audience wanting sports info and purchasing live event tickets, but also to bring some style and artistry to the profession. What KOTA produced was a mixture of the showcase event glamour and behind the scenes storytelling, uniquely bold and unapologetic.


On the front end, their focus areas were based around the events and boxer profiles. Their concept was to put the boxers front and centre, drawing inspiration from retro video game profiles, but also giving a glimpse of the human behind the boxer. In both the events and profiles pages KOTA implemented areas where green screen videos of shadow boxing or show boating could be added.

KOTA created animated stats and hometown graphics in the profiles, as well as an image gallery and biography, to create a personal homepage for each boxer. They also created an archive of historical events for users to browse, which Matchroom are continually populating.

An important focus for Matchroom was relevant, up to date content, due to the volume of news and frequency of events. They built a beautiful posting platform, and a media archive to host hundreds of videos. The back end was focused around an eCommerce solution that meant users could purchase tickets for events, subscribe for Fightpass benefits, and be able to shop for merchandise, all the way through to online purchase. Each event signposted to the ticketing platform and cross-promoted boxers, to create one seamless platform.

About KOTA

KOTA is an international award-winning agency. They specialise in bringing brands to life through creative web design, web development, branding & digital marketing.