Launch Festival Sydney 2018

Launch Festival Sydney 2018 will take place on 19-20 June at SMC Conference & Function Centre.

For the past 10 years they’ve hosted Festival in San Francisco, featuring fireside chats with Silicon Valley technologists and pioneers, demonstrations of cutting-edge future tech, and exciting startup competitions with founders and teams from all around the world.

This year, they are bringing Silicon Valley and the world to Sydney! 1000 attendees will convene at LAUNCH Festival Sydney on June 19-20, 2018.

Check out this video to find out more about the Launch Festival:

Launch Festival Sydney will combine the most successful elements of the following Launch initiatives:

Launchfestival: 10+ years, 15,000 attendees, featuring demo pit, startup pitches and demos, fireside chats. Two-day course for startups with product in market but before Series A.

Angel.University: One-day course for angel investors or those who want to be.

LaunchScale Two-day tactical talks on how to grow your company and raise money for founders with product in market and before Series A.

ThisWeekinStartups: Podcast on entrepreneurship in its 8th year, with an audience 150,000+.

AngelPodcast: Podcast on early-stage investing in its 2nd season.

LaunchIncubator: 12 weeks of intense instruction for 7 startups looking to raise Series A.Framework For Disruption

Speakers Include:


LAUNCH Festival Sydney 2018 hosted by angel investor, serial entrepreneur, and “ANGEL” author and podcaster Jason Calacanis.

Two days of keynote presentations, panel sessions and workshops, and more. Don’t miss this great event!

If you are a founder, investor, media professional, and/or enthusiast interested in startups, the LAUNCH Festival Sydney 2018 event is for you!

For tickets and event details visit event website.This event is hosted by Jason Calacanis on 19-20 June in Sydney.