12 Inspiring Social Media Strategies and Campaigns for Beauty Brands

The beauty industry requires being fast in decision-making to catch trends and even create the trends firsthand to achieve success and generate intense hype.

The beauty industry is well aware of social media’s influential role in shaping consumer preferences. According to a study shared on Forbes, 42% of individuals aged 18-24 depend on social media posts to explore makeup trends and make informed product choices. With a significant portion of the target audience relying on digital platforms for beauty insights, crafting a compelling social media marketing strategy becomes imperative to thrive in this competitive market.

To build a strong presence on social media in the flourishing beauty business, brands must experiment with numerous engaging strategies. Influencer marketing, where influential individuals promote products to their followers, can effectively reach a broader audience. Reposting positive reviews and tutorials from potential influencers also helps build credibility and trust around your brand.

By employing these and other innovative social media strategies, you can undoubtedly captivate your target audience’s attention and secure a prominent place in the dynamic world of digital marketing.

Let’s explore the path to boosting your brand’s social media presence in 6 steps, starting with the importance of social media marketing for the beauty industry.

Social Media Marketing for the Beauty Industry

Social media marketing has revolutionized how beauty brands engage with their customers and reach new audiences. The rise of social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok provided a dynamic and visually-driven landscape for beauty brands to showcase their products and connect with beauty enthusiasts on a global scale.

One of the biggest advantages of social media marketing for the beauty industry is the unique exposure rate it offers. With millions of users actively scrolling through their feeds daily, the potential reach for brands is immense. 

So, this means that a well-crafted post or video has the potential to reach thousands, if not millions, of potential customers within a short period. 

Besides, social media is more than mere product promotion. It has already become a hub for engaging and interactive content. Beauty brands can invite their followers to participate in challenges, polls, and interactive stories, fostering a sense of community and making customers feel like active participants in the brand’s journey. 

This level of engagement not only strengthens brand loyalty but also encourages users to share their experiences with the products. As a result, generating authentic user-generated content further amplifies the brand’s reach.

Another unique aspect of social media is that it enables beauty brands to cater to the unique preferences and tastes of their diverse audiences. By tailoring content to specific demographics, brands can create a personalized experience that resonates with their target consumers. For instance, a beauty brand can curate content to cater to different skin tones, hair types, and makeup styles, ensuring each follower feels seen and valued.

The power of social media in the beauty industry lies in its ability to break barriers and connect with audiences on an emotional level. It allows brands to tell stories, evoke emotions, and celebrate diversity, all of which are crucial elements in creating a meaningful brand identity. Beauty enthusiasts are not just looking for products but also seeking a connection with the brand’s values, mission, and stories behind the products.

Importance of Influencer Marketing for Beauty Brands

Influencer marketing is a must for beauty brands on social media looking for ways to increase brand awareness and sales. 

But it also depends on your target audience. For example, if you target Gen Z, concentrating more on influencer marketing than other marketing strategies for beauty brands would be logical, as it is the influencer marketing generation.

 If your audience is mostly Gen X, spending more on TV ads or email marketing would be better, in addition to investing in influencer marketing to some degree. 

However, regardless of the portion influencer marketing will participate in, collaborating with influencers who best resonate with your target audience will enable your brand to tap into new markets and build trust with consumers.

Let’s take a closer look at how this strategy works for the three prominent actors in this scene: Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.


Instagram’s visually appealing nature makes it the perfect playground for showcasing makeup looks, skincare routines, and beauty products. Influencers, ranging from beauty gurus to makeup artists, have built massive followings by sharing their expertise and genuine love for beauty.

Collaborating with Instagram influencers can lead to immense exposure for beauty brands. When an influencer posts about a brand’s product, their loyal followers are more likely to trust and consider the recommendation. This not only boosts brand awareness but also drives engagement and, ultimately, conversions. Brands often work with influencers to host giveaways, take over stories, and create sponsored content, which further amplifies their reach and impact.

Let’s look at some Instagram posts created by influencers to promote beauty brands:

Tati Westbrook

Meet Tati Westbrook, one of the most famous beauty influencers in the industry. While she dominates YouTube as her main platform, her Instagram presence is just as impressive, boasting millions of followers.

James Charles

With a whopping 21.4 million followers on Instagram, James Charles is one of the most influential figures in the beauty world. Besides running his own brand,, he keeps his fans engaged by sharing captivating videos of him using various other brands’ products.


TikTok’s explosive growth and popularity among younger audiences have made it an influential platform for beauty brands. The short-form video format allows for quick, engaging, and often entertaining beauty content that can go viral in no time.

For brands aiming to connect with Gen Z and millennial audiences through TikTok, the right approach can be a game-changer. Collaborating with TikTok influencers is a powerful strategy to spark trends, showcase makeup transformations, and introduce new products to dedicated followers. This is where a trusted partner like Favoured Agency comes into play.

Favoured, a UK-based digital marketing agency with a proven track record, specializes in providing a wide range of services, from advertising, influencer marketing, and automation to performance marketing. What sets Favoured apart is their exceptional expertise in TikTok. Favoured uses its own TikTok account effectively and helps its customers create captivating TikTok content and campaigns. In fact, Favoured’s latest TikTok campaign has been shortlisted for the UK TikTok Ad Awards! Beauty brands are able to efficiently use the power of TikTok influencers thanks to Favoured’s expertise in influencer collaborations.

Influencer collaborations often involve participating in challenges, creating branded hashtag campaigns, and launching innovative product promotions, all of which thrive in the interactive and community-driven nature of TikTok.

Here are the best TikTok beauty marketing examples made by influencers:

Brooke Ashley Hall

Get ready to be inspired by Brooke Ashley Hall, a TikTok sensation with 14 million followers! Her account is a treasure of tutorial videos, exciting makeup-shopping content, and more.

Meredith Duxbury

Meredith Duxbury, the TikTok queen, has been slaying the game with a massive following of 18.4 million. Her get-ready-with-me (GRWM) videos, makeup tutorials, and motivational content are the perfect mix of entertainment and inspiration. 



♬ original sound – Meredith Duxbury


YouTube has long been a go-to platform for beauty enthusiasts seeking in-depth product reviews, makeup tutorials, and skincare routines. Beauty influencers on YouTube have built dedicated subscriber bases and are considered experts in their field.

Collaborating with YouTube influencers can provide beauty brands with a more comprehensive and detailed way to showcase their products. Influencers often create thorough reviews, demonstrating how the products perform in real time. This level of authenticity and transparency helps build trust among viewers, resulting in a higher likelihood of conversion.

Let’s see some content examples created by YouTubers promoting beauty products and brands: 


NikkieTutorials is a YouTube powerhouse with over 15 years of creating captivating beauty content. Her influence in the beauty community has led to numerous partnerships with top-notch beauty brands. 

Jackie Aina

A well-known YouTuber, Jackie Aina, has been creating beauty content for 13 years. One of her notable collaborations is the Jackie Aina X belif partnership, showcasing her influence in the beauty industry.

Top 6 Social Media Strategies for Beauty Brands

To stay ahead of the game, beauty brands need to adopt effective social media strategies. Here are six essential strategies that can elevate your beauty brand’s presence and engagement on social media:

1.Repost User-Generated Content

Encourage your followers to share their experiences with your products by reposting user-generated content (UGC). UGC adds authenticity to your brand and showcases real-life results, which can be highly influential. Acknowledge and appreciate your customers by sharing their posts, tagging them, and giving credit for their creativity. This fosters a sense of community and encourages others to share their experiences, further boosting your brand’s visibility.

2.Reply Comments and Messages

Effective communication is key to building a strong relationship with your audience. Respond promptly and genuinely to comments, direct messages, and mentions. Show appreciation for positive feedback and address any concerns or queries professionally. Engaging with your audience shows that you value their opinions, and it encourages further interaction, leading to increased brand loyalty.

3.Hold Contests

Contests and giveaways are an excellent way to generate excitement and engagement on your social media platforms. Create fun and relevant contests that align with your brand’s values and offerings. Whether it’s a photo contest, caption competition, or product giveaway, contests encourage participation and can lead to a surge in followers and brand mentions.

4.Use High-Quality Images

In the visually-driven beauty industry, high-quality images are a must. Invest in professional photography or create aesthetically pleasing graphics to showcase your products in the best light. Eye-catching visuals will capture the attention of your audience as they scroll through their feeds, increasing the chances of them stopping to learn more about your brand.

5.Support Communities

Identify and engage with online communities that align with your brand’s values and interests. Participate in discussions, offer valuable insights, and share relevant content to become an active member of these communities. This approach helps your brand gain credibility and visibility among potential customers who are genuinely interested in the beauty niche you cater to.

6.Celebrate Special Days

Leverage special occasions and holidays to create themed campaigns and content. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, or National Lipstick Day, align your brand’s message with the spirit of the day and create content that resonates with your audience. These themed campaigns can evoke emotions and drive higher engagement, as they tap into the collective sentiments of your followers.

8 Inspiring Social Media Campaigns from Beauty Brands

  1. AvedaNutriplenish Line
  2. Milk Makeup
  3. Talika — Talika Lipocils Expert
  4. Fenty Beauty – #FENTYFACE
  5. MAC Cosmetics – #MacVIVAGLAM
  6. Sephora – #SephoraSquad
  7. Maybelline – #MakeItHappen
  8. Benefit Cosmetics – Brow Search
  9. Too Faced – #TFBornThisWay

1. Aveda

The Charles executed a standout social media strategy for Aveda’s Nutriplenish line, leveraging innovative content creation and digital storytelling to elevate the brand’s online presence. Their approach focused on emphasizing the unique benefits of the Nutriplenish products, engaging with the audience through visually compelling content that resonates with the beauty brand’s ethos. This campaign not only increased brand awareness but also fostered a deeper connection with its target market, showcasing The Charles’ expertise in crafting dynamic social media campaigns for beauty brands.

2. Milk Makeup

Major Tom significantly boosted Milk Makeup’s digital presence by leveraging Facebook and Instagram ads, focusing on a/b testing, audience segmentation, and direct-response campaigns to increase site users, transactions, and revenue. Their approach capitalized on Major Tom’s expertise as a Facebook partner, optimizing ad performance and targeting high-converting audiences. This strategic partnership led to impressive year-over-year growth in users, transactions, and social media-driven revenue, showcasing Major Tom’s capability to drive returns for innovative beauty brands.

3. Talika

The case study of Digital Business Lab on their influencer marketing campaign for Talika’s Lipocils Expert showcases their expertise in driving brand awareness and conversion. They engaged local beauty influencers in Hong Kong to document their experience with the product on Instagram, using both English and Cantonese content. This approach not only increased organic impressions and profile visits on Talika’s Instagram but also effectively educated the audience about the product. The campaign’s success in capturing audience interest and establishing a potential customer base exemplifies Digital Business Lab’s proficiency in influencer marketing strategies.

4. Fenty Beauty – #FENTYFACE

Fenty Beauty, founded by Rihanna, launched the #FentyFace hashtag campaign to gather posts and promote inclusivity in the beauty industry. 

The brand invited every Instagram user to share their #FENTYFACE posts and featured various influencers of different skin tones and ethnicities to showcase the wide variety of their makeup products. 

Fenty Beauty - #FENTYFACE, social media marketing campaigns by beauty brands

5. MAC Cosmetics – VIVA GLAM

MAC’s long-standing VIVA GLAM campaign featured celebrities as brand ambassadors, with all proceeds from certain product sales going to charitable causes. 

MAC Cosmetics - VIVA GLAM

This campaign has been instrumental in raising funds and awareness for HIV/AIDS research and support.

6. Sephora – #SephoraSquad

The SephoraSquad campaign aimed to identify and collaborate with a diverse group of influencers and content creators, showcasing the brand’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity. With this campaign, Sephora aimed to gather “unique thinkers, fearless creatives, and wildly curious experimenters from all backgrounds and audience sizes.”

Sephora - #SephoraSquad

7. Maybelline – #MakeItHappen

Maybelline encouraged its followers to share their dreams and aspirations using the hashtag #MakeItHappen, creating a positive and empowering campaign that resonated with its target audience.

Maybelline - #MakeItHappen

As a part of the #MakeItHappen campaign, Maybelline worked with Gigi Hadid, Herieth Paul, and Jourdan Dunn.

Benefit’s interactive Brow Search campaign involved users posting photos of their eyebrows, and the brand’s team of experts selected some to receive personalized brow tips and product recommendations.

Benefit Cosmetics - Brow Search

9. Too Faced – #TFBornThisWay

Too Faced’s Born This Way Foundation campaign encouraged users to share their makeup-free selfies, celebrating natural beauty and self-acceptance.

Too Faced - #TFBornThisWay

Wrapping Up

We have seen that social media has emerged as a powerful tool that allows beauty brands to captivate their target audience’s attention, spark trends, and secure a prominent place in the hearts and minds of beauty enthusiasts worldwide. 

By continuing to explore and create, evolving our social media strategies to ride the waves of beauty’s dynamic digital landscape won’t be difficult. But there’s one thing that makes it much more practical: getting in touch with beauty marketing agencies. They will provide you with the expertise and insights needed to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape and achieve lasting success. With the professional touch of a beauty marketing agency, you can easily harness the potential of social media and propel beauty brands to new heights, connecting with consumers in more impactful and authentic ways than ever before.

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