Learn To Redefine Beauty With Dove’s Digital Marketing Strategies

In between a fast-paced digital marketing landscape, how can marketing specialists find a way to influence purchasing decisions? Dove’s digital marketing strategies demonstrate how you can do it.

With the efforts of the major corporations such as Dove, they are using integrated marketing communication to contribute versatile marketing campaigns. Dove has built up an ultimate integrated marketing campaign model that includes multiple elements of advertising, such as print, TVC, social media, digital, OOH, website and so on. Through this communication, Dove is able to create a consistent and a strong brand message that spreads awareness of their brand while expanding their consumer basis and their target audience.

Let’s have a look at Dove’s incredible marketing campaigns and the strategies in between the lines.

Dove’s Best Digital Marketing Strategies & Campaings

• Collaborate With the Unexpected, Such as Stock Photo Companies

Continuing its efforts on changing beauty standards in digital media, Dove released project #ShowUs that supports diversity and inclusivity at the same time.

In partnership with digital photo company Girlgaze and Getty Images, Dove has collected about 5,000 images on GettyImages.com. The project features 179 women from 39 countries and the photographed talents include plus-size, trans, diverse women and women with skin conditions. The good part is, they were also shot by 116 female-identifying photographers within the Girlgaze network.

Nick Soukas, VP of Skin Cleansing & Baby Care for Unilever said:

Since we launched in 2010, Dove Men+Care has communicated that modern masculinity is defined by the way men care. By supporting this important initiative, our goal is to increase utilization rates of paid paternity leave for those men who have access to it and encourage other companies to come together and offer men paid paternity leave so they can take the time to care for their families.

• Create An Unlimited Target Audience

Dove has once announced a two-year global partnership with the Cartoon Network series “Steven Universe” to educate young people on body confidence as part of its Self-Esteem Project.

With a unique Self-Esteem Project, Dove has been encouraging young people to build self-esteem and body confidence through educational since 2004.

The project currently exists in 140 countries around the world. It’s planned to reach 40 million young people by 2020. Partnering Cartoon Network and its well known “Steven Universe”, the project promises to reach 20 million more.

The initial reason behind Self-Esteem is the knowledge that over half of girls do not have high body confidence. This usually causes them to spend less time with their friends and families, put their health at risk and so on.

• Use the Power of Media–In Charge of the Company

To break the unrealistic image of women portrayed in media, Dove and Mindshare Denmark have teamed up to create an amazing campaign called Image_Hack.

As a prominent brand in the beauty industry, Dove plays a part in gender presentations in the media. So, they made a case study to show how they break the negativity chain that women encounter in the media. When media uses images that don’t reflect society, images that portraits women as objects, they dictate unrealistic ideals.

Advertisers in agencies from all over the country joined the initiative by running ads using the pictures that Dove uploaded and soon, the pictures were everywhere. That is how the brand was able to completely change the media landscape and have any brand that used these pictures become an ambassador for Dove’s message.

The Image Hack project has made the following impact: 1729 images are downloaded, 42 brands have joined the mission and the pictures received 40 million media impressions.

You can view more Dove projects and Dove’s digital marketing strategies with their popular campaigns on Digital Agency Network.

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