How Uplers Remote Team Business Model Opens the Opportunities for Offshore Hiring

By now, you must have experienced for yourself how the coronavirus pandemic has changed the world of work.

Precautions such as social distancing mean that hiring, commuting, and office work are seen in a completely new light.

Even in 2019, the worldwide outsourcing market was worth a staggering USD 92.5 billion. That number is projected to reach over USD 114.1 billion by 2025.

With Uplers’ Remote Team Models, You Can Leverage the Talent Economy

The questions people often ask with offshoring have to do with the working process, the time barrier, and commitment to work.

By now, it’s clear that, with new-age work parameters, none of these is a significant barrier. In fact, they are part of the system via which work becomes competitive and cost-effective.


As a Deloitte report puts it,

Global markets and products, driven by rapid innovation and post-digital disruption, demand new talent models that can be rapidly configured and reconfigured. Businesses expect agility, scale, and the right skills to be available faster than ever—in real-time.

This is the power of the talent economy – where skills are matched to jobs seamlessly, without constraints posed by geography.

If you, too, want all of the aforementioned advantages, the Uplers style is meant for you. It is simple, robust, and effective.

Uplers Lets Nothing Come Between You and the Right Talent

At Uplers, they aim to plug India’s best talents into global businesses.

To ensure this, they carry out a vigorous and aggressive screening process. Only the top 3.5% make it through their technical and behavioral assessments.

Once this vetted talent is approved, it is then trained and made remote-ready to join you anywhere in the world.

The advantages of this remote working model are immense.

  • When you choose remote offshore teams, you make the most of your resources. You save at least 50% of the cost compared to hiring onshore employees – without compromising on the skillset, the time, and the quality of work.
  • Because of our rigorous selection process, you get only those that are handpicked to meet your specific demands and fit seamlessly into your company culture.
  • As if this wasn’t enough, they also give you the icing on the cake. That means working as partners when it comes to administrative, legal, HR, payouts, and IT needs.

Stop here for a moment and think about it. No more putting up with only local personnel. No more extra time in the hiring process. No more expensive training and induction programs.

Just the best talent for the best work – with one simple and affordable monthly package.

Getting Specific About this Win-Win Situation

Now, you may be thinking that all this sounds terrific, but just how does it work in practice? Let’s spell it out.

  • This is a completely different world from that of freelancing. The developers will work as an integral part of your team on a full-time basis.
  • remote-team-business-model-opens-the-opportunities-for-offshore-hiring-uplers

  • This model works for long-term contracts, ideally a minimum of a year. In fact, in Uplers’ experience, two years is the preferred time frame.
  • They’ll set up a minimum of 3-4 common working hours, no matter the time zone difference. This will ensure that remote work culture and methodologies are in place. Further, they take care of seamless communication, task updates, and meetings. Many of their developers are ready to work during your full-day shift.
  • remote-team-business-model-uplers

  • You get the upsides of a full-time employee without the downside. You can manage and communicate with developers directly, while they take care of upskilling, HR, payrolls, and leave, aligned with your company policies.
  • Because of their exhaustive requirement gathering process and a thorough vetting system, the talent they pick will be just the right one to match your business needs. Uplers shares matching profiles for you to interview and make the final selection.
  • What if you think it’s not working out? In the extremely rare case that this happens during the first month of the contract, you can give a week’s notice and end it.

Questions? Uplers Has All the Answers

At Uplers, their aim is always to create a long-term association between you and the best talent. In fact, they pay their developers 1.5x of local pay to ensure better retention and high quality.

They specialize in UI/UX, web development, digital marketing, and marketing automation services. Tell them your needs, and they’ll find you a solution.

This approach has turned them into one of the largest, globally recognized outsourcing agencies, empowering businesses across the globe to build a better digital ecosystem.

Get in touch with Uplers today and discover a pool of talent waiting to transform your working world.

About Uplers

Uplers is a one-stop digital service company delivering end-to-end design, web development, digital marketing, and email production services across 52+ Nations.