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How to Get Your Agency Verified on Instagram and Why You Should Do That?

In the past few years, the “verified” tick badge has become very popular on social media platforms. Instagram is one of them. Only some celebrities, public figures, brands and agencies have this badge of validation.

If you’re wondering how to get your agency verified on Instagram? Then you’re in the right place.

First of all, you need to know that the image-sharing app acts very picky when it’s come to validate certain individual or company accounts. This white tick on a blue background stands more than as a symbol of popularity and authenticity. It’s regarded as a privilege.

The badge along with your agency name makes your business look more legitimate, appealing and “cool” compared to your competitors. Basically, it’s like a symbol of status. This small badge separates you from others gives you another way to stand out.

Before thinking about the verification process, you need a valid Instagram account for your business. Isn’t your agency on Instagram yet? If not, I advise you to read the stats below and start an Instagram page without wasting any more time. Your potential clients are out there waiting for you, and you should be there to contact them, too.

Agencies like Wieden + Kennedy, Huge, Deutsch and Socialize have their verification badges. On their Instagram pages, there are colorful posts about their ongoing campaigns, design examples, product photo shoots, creative concepts, quotes and also photos from agency life.

Wieden + Kennedy



Why your agency should be on Instagram?

Instagram user stats are amazing. The popular social media platform has over 800 million users. 500 million of them are using the platform on a daily basis, and 38% of them are checking the site multiple times a day. For an agency, it’s a perfect way to engage current clients and besides reaching new ones. There is a place for every business on Instagram. Even if you’re running a boutique agency with a small team, you’re very welcome there.

Let’s go back our main topic, about how to get your agency verified on Instagram. You should know that the blue verified badges or the badges of honor aren’t given by an algorithm, they’re handed out by real people, Instagram moderators.

In August 2018, Instagram made the verification process available for every user. Now you can simply log into the Instagram app, send a verification request and hope for getting a blue badge on your page. The application process only takes a few minutes, and it’s really simple.

In the app, go to settings, scroll down and find “Request Verification” section, then fill the requested information and send it. However, there is no guarantee that you’ll get this blue and shiny verification badge anytime soon.

What do you need to do to be verified on Instagram?

The blue badge can help you to easily noticed by people, gain followers and take you at the top of the search results. Instagram follower count isn’t determent for the approval process. You need to fulfill certain expectations of the social media platform. Instagram expects you to be authentic, unique, and notable.

You also need to provide all the necessary information including profile photo, bio and have at least one post on your page. If Instagram decides that your agency is the right business for them, you’ll get the badge.

What should you do if you still can’t get verified on Instagram?

Above, I’ve tried to explain how to get your agency verified on Instagram. If you really want to have that verification badge, and increase your chance you can do couple of things.

One of them is building and focusing your presence on parallel platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Build a consistent voice to approach your audience, pay attention to actively use these platforms, post frequency and quality of the contents you share on your agency page.

There are many ways to show Instagram that you worth to be verified. The popular social media platform focuses on images. So, try to create vivid and great image posts by using the same filters. Knowing how to appeal your audience is important for Instagram.

You can also take advantage of Instagram insights. Schedule your posts, explore relevant hashtags and try to share them on the most active times of your followers. Don’t forget to spend time responding to comments and liking posts.


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Even though you try all of these and you’re still miles away from getting a result, start working on your digital presence. Work with a fellow PR agency or post plenty of content. Finally, you can ask to be verified. It’s also an option.

Contact with Instagram’s support team, they’re really hard to catch but send messages to them anyway. Explaining your case and sending persistent requests might eventually make a difference.

Another way is to invest your cash to Facebook ads as they’re connected with Instagram. Spending money on Facebook could help you to reach Instagram’s verification team.

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