9 Brands That Are Crushing It On Social Media

Marketers are on the lookout for inspiration everywhere they go. Following your favorite brands online would be the simplest way to get new ideas.

With the ever-growing amount of platforms available, it’s not about just creating a profile, you have to build a strong and distinct digital strategy. Establishing a robust strategy is not an easy task, but there are many companies that make their digital presence seem effortless.

Whether it’s carefully crafted content or a distinct brand voice and identity, there are many brands using unique tactics to keep their followers engaged and these accounts are such a big inspiration resource for social media marketing agency teams.

9 Brands That Are Crushing It On Social Media

However, there are a few that stand out among the rest. Here’s a list of 9 brands that are crushing it on social media:

Solé Bicycles

Their business model was built on finding a way to deliver 90% assembled bikes to your door without breaking your bank.

Following their business model, they have found a way to creatively market the same product while still maintaining high engagement from their audience. Solé’s Instagram Account will fill your feed with beautiful photos of their bikes around the world.


Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts elaborate Snapchat and Instagram stories are full of fresh content, product announcements, contests and more. Not to mention, they are constantly creating Snapchat filters that everyone can use.

With their colors being bright orange and pink, their social media is vibrant and always on trend. The King of well-crafted and timely stories, Dunkin’ was even prepared with congratulations when Kate Middleton gave birth to her baby boy.

Taco Bell

Serving up tacos since 1962, Taco Bell may be most commonly known as a late night snack rather than a fine dining establishment.

Many relevant brands are “playing with their food” to create tasty looking photos and great content.

However, the bright colors, eye-catching patterns and quotes that every taco lover can relate to, make Taco Bell’s Instagram stand out among the rest. Not to mention, their other platforms are killing it with video content.

Combined with their bizarre new menu items like egg tacos and nacho fries, Taco Bell is using social media to make their food look more delicious than ever.


In case you missed it, Pantone is a color matching system, or proprietary color space, primarily used for printing, colored paint, fabric and plastics.

Their Instagram is laid out with a carefully crafted color palette which in December consisted entirely of their Color of the Year, Ultra-Violet.

This annual color selection sets the tone for what will be on runways in the coming year and is actively followed by designers, creatives and marketers across a variety of industries.

As a company founded on colors, their attention to detail and color palette places Pantone’s social accounts levels above other color-coordinated accounts.



HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales software that can’t be ignored. Whether you’re an experienced marketer or just getting started, Hubspot has the tools you need.

They have an extensive selection of certification classes for any type of marketer. Aside from their educational offerings, their customer service representatives on Twitter will make sure no question is left unanswered.

Additionally, they actively promote what they preach, drawing marketers into cleverly planned funnels based on the buyer journey through top-notch email marketing. You can also check the best Hubspot agencies from the link for further reading.


More than just a dating app, Bumble’s Instagram is full of motivational quotes and great dating advice.

The team at Bumble is also not afraid when it comes to taking a stance on popular political issues without stirring up controversy. Since its creation, Bumble has gone from being an app targeted to single men and women to a platform revolutionizing the way you meet people.

They recently released, BumbleBizz as a means for networking with other professionals. Even with their wide range of a target audience, their goal of promoting healthy relationships is clearer than ever.


Chipotle makes their food with integrity and they don’t treat their digital marketing efforts any differently.

Their content is witty, trendy and will make your mouth water. They don’t miss the chance to make a pun or find a National Holiday they can celebrate, most notably, National Burrito Day.

One of their most notable platforms is Twitter, where the community management team never fails to retweet or make a personal reply to any mention by a customer.


With an Instagram full of wanderlust content and gorgeous locations for you to stay, following Airbnb’s Instagram account will have you booking your next vacation before you know it.

Built upon responsible hosting, they are all about building trust and creating high-quality content sharing is certainly a great way to build trust with new and potential Airbnb vacationers.



With a powerful and globally known motto like, “Just Do It,” Nike is a brand to follow if you’re looking for some motivation from some of the world’s top athletes.

Whether you’re someone who is consistently active or an occasional weekend warrior, their content is sure to get you up and moving. Aside from their main brand accounts, you can follow their affiliate accounts like Nike Training Club, Nike Running, Nike Women and more for more motivation.

While these accounts strong presences may seem effortless, there is a large team behind each brand helping deliver you the highest-quality content.

As the digital world continues to expand and become more important, there will surely be more brands to keep an eye on but for now, these brands seem to have it figured out.

What are some of your favorite creative instagram accounts to follow? Share with us!