Intrigue Summit London 2018

Intrigue Summit London 2018, an intimate and unique digital marketing summit for marketers, will take place on the 27th of April.

Intrigue Summit London 2018 welcomes you to an interactive and global marketing & advertising event where the meeting of the best in marketing holds place.

It is an interactive and global annual marketing & advertising event that is a great platform for client side marketers, global brand advertisers, advertising technology providers, digital agencies, online publishers, portals and media professionals.

An event where the finest speakers from Australia and Europe walk you to their marketing world to share their experiences and an event where you learn about the latest marketing and advertising technologies showcased by the sponsors and exhibitors of the event.

Have a look at this testimonial from last year’s Intrigue Summit’s attendee:

Reasons to attend the Intrigue Summit London 2018:

•At this intrigue summit, gathering of best minds in marketing opens gates to sharing ideas and techniques to learn and explore the worlds of others to improve your own.

•Intrigue summit brings together the marketing and sales heads to let you win new business for your organisation. Content of the summit not only brings in sight the latest marketing, advertising, sales technology but also provides the business boosting behaviors that have been practiced in the market.

• Intrigue summit provides you with an unparalleled networking atmosphere where the given environment at the summit is unique and diverse.

Intrigue Summit London 2018 is organized by Salesgasm which is a professional sales and marketing training facilitation company.

Dubbed by many as the company with a crazy name that sticks to the mind for an eternity, Salesgasm’s mission is to make sure that the world has better and more efficient sales and marketing professionals and no company has to close down because it was not able to market and sell its products & services. Many of the finest sales and marketing professionals from across the globe are a part of the Salesgasm family.

If you are a marketing/advertising professional in the UK, you have got all the reasons to attend this intriguing event.

Interested? For tickets and event details visit event website.This event is organized by Salesgasm
on 27 April 2018,
in London.