Emote Digital Created a Multi-Region, Multi-Channel Marketing Mix for Skinny Tan

Skinny Tan had gained a massive following thanks to their amazing fake tan products. As much as great results can speak for themselves, they still needed to establish a solid digital strategy to stay ahead of the competition in multiple countries.

Emote helped them achieve this through Search Engine Advertising, Platform Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, and Content Writing across each region.

Managing Varying Budgets Across Multiple Regions

With large media budgets focused on different target audiences across the world, Emote’s team needed to do their research. Through an intensive period of testing, Emote was able to build a successful funnel approach that has facilitated strong revenue growth month on month.

This led to a 20% increase in revenue via social since working with Emote.

Campaigns Designed to Capitalise on High Search

As a well-known brand, the interest was already there. Emote had to find a way to cut wastage and optimise where necessary in order to improve the overall ROI.

A 60% increase in ROI on Google Ads was achieved since working with Emote.


Growing Revenue Outside of Search and Social

Using AdRoll allowed Skinny Tan exposure across some of the world’s most visited websites, making for a healthy return on investment.

Notably, a 4.1x ROI via AdRoll since working with Emote.

Making the Site Perform Better, Organically

Through SEO management and content writing, Emote was able to add quality content to the site that was on brand and helped to boost overall rankings.

This led to a 6% increase in organic traffic, and a 29% increase in organic revenue since working with Emote.

About Emote Digital

Emote Digital has been delivering integrated solutions with beautiful results since 2001 offering in-house WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify and digital marketing services.