Emote Achieves Digital Excellence for 4Legs

4Legs creates all-natural dog food products sold in supermarkets across Australia. Emote Digital coordinated and delivered their wholesome message across a range of platforms to increase brand awareness and drive increased in-store sales.

Social Media Management

Looking After Man’s Best Friend

Everyone knows that people love a cute dog pic which is why Emote knew that with strategic social media management 4Legs would really take off. It wasn’t enough just to have pictures of our furry friends, but also draw upon 4Legs’ wholesome, feel-good message. Combining great on-brand imagery, as well as using customer reviews to create posts, Emote Digital helped create a social media page that really got tails wagging.

Increase in Instagram followers (in just 30 days)

Increase in Facebook engagement (3 months compared to the previous period)

Social Media Advertising

Spreading the Love Through Social Media

Getting the word out about 4Legs was a key component to their success. Emote Digital leveraged their social media to create a suite of advertising that illustrated what made 4Legs stand out from the pack. With playful messaging and bold imagery, Emote Digital rolled out advertising on all major social media platforms, with the key goal of driving more sales in Coles and Woolies. What’s not to love?

Landing Page & eDM

Laying the Groundwork for Great Things to Come

A key to creating brands that thrive year after year is building a strong foundation. For 4Legs, Emote created a custom landing page which they directed specific social traffic towards. This was essential to creating brand awareness and driving purchasing, especially for Coles and Woolies. Emote also utilized a range of eDMs that spread that happy feeling right into their customer’s inbox. There’s really nothing better than dog pictures delivered straight to you.

Increase in website traffic (since working with Emote)

Landing page conversion rate

eDM open rate


Social Media Christmas Messaging

Feeling Festive with 4Legs

Emote Digital wanted to do something a little different for the 4Legs Christmas messaging. 4Legs engaged charity Pets of the Homeless to run a campaign that embodied a core idea of their brand — not only do their products make your dog feel great, it makes you feel good too. So Emote designed a range of Christmas-themed posts that were festive and fun.

Hope you love this feel-good brand of furry friends as much as Emote loved working with them.

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