Crowd Adopts Animation to Take Down Scaffolding

Thomann-Hanry approached global creative and performance media agency Crowd to create a marketing campaign taking down scaffolding.

In the world of façade renovation, Thomann-Hanry is unique.

Compared to scaffolding, their process is faster, has a smaller carbon footprint, and doesn’t restrict access to a building, which can have a large financial impact. They just needed a way to communicate all this in a succinct marketing campaign.


Thomann-Hanry is the only company in the world to use a hydraulic platform instead of scaffolding. This means they can dramatically cut down costs, time and disruption.

However, in a marketplace where scaffolding is always seen as the obvious choice, Thomann-Hanry has to work hard to shift perception and change behaviour.



Before Crowd talked about the positives of Thomann-Hanry, they needed to start a conversation about the negatives of scaffolding.

Inspired by the sculpture artist Ben Long, they created a series of striking images that used scaffolding itself to illustrate the various negatives of this tired and traditional method.

The campaign ran across LinkedIn and Instagram from 2/5/20 for a period of 100 days, and in that time, the concept still cut through the conversation around COVID-19, and delivered high levels of engagement, helping to build brand


  • 1m+ Overall Impressions
  • 77k+ Reach
  • 187k+ Video Views

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