7 eCommerce Marketing Tips to Boost Your Sales

All budding entrepreneurs’ dream is to develop a large customer base, drive a ton of sales and build a successful business – but how do you do that? Here we listed actionable eCommerce marketing tips for you.

With time, and lots of it. If it was easy to start an eCommerce business and generate 6 figures, everyone would be doing it.

The whole process of getting your business up off the group and sustaining its progression is an extremely tedious task if done correctly, but the rewards that come as a result of your hard work are invaluable.

Increasing your sales can’t come first, it has to coincide with eCommerce marketing tips and tricks provided in this article, but it all comes down to the initial value you provide to your consumers.

1. Display Your Site Security

Far more people are going to visit a site that looks trustworthy, no one wants to put their personal information at risk, would you?

One of the most effective things you can do is display a ‘Secure’ icon at the beginning of your URL when visitors appear on your site. Doing so will instill confidence in customers’ minds, putting them at ease and allowing them to focus on the product/service you offer.

Cybersecurity is of great concern to consumers and the UK government, Google alone receives approximately 40,000 searches every second, so how are you meant to separate the safe sites from the risky?

A strong reputation helps, but being approved by security companies like McAfee, PayPal, and other major firms is a great place to start and will make a real difference.

2. Go Incognito

Go incognito and pose as a consumer. Doing so will allow you to join industry and competitor based groups that are full of potential customers.

Now, the objective is not to promote your business, but to gather consumer research like behavioral patterns that analytics can’t identify.

Is this wrong?

Well, not really. Whatever industry you operate in, you chose it initially, meaning you are passionate about it. So basically, you are just exploring your interests further, inside of work!

It’s a bit sneaky, but you will gather high-quality research that is key to your business’ performance.

3. Instant Buy

69.57% of shopping carts were abandoned in 2019 alone, showing how important it is to create an efficient website and checkout process.

Introducing instant buy options is going to reduce the risk of cart abandonments tenfold, creating a checkout process that is quick and convenient.

Through using payment methods such as PayPal and ApplePay, customers’ shipping and billing information are already accessible, so there is no need for them to take 5 minutes typing it out. For improving your conversion rate you can get help from the best eCommerce tools.

Simply writing ‘checkout in seconds’ on your advertisement is going to attract more customers and generate a higher click-through rate (CTR).

Also, proceeding with this form of checkout will give you access to their email address, building your mailing list in the process!

4. Financing

Giving customers the option to finance your product/service in monthly or weekly installments of a reduced amount is going to lower the commitment level a customer has to make.

For instance, why do you think mobile contacts are billed monthly?

Because the annual cost would be through the roof and scare off customers before they have had the opportunity to purchase it.

Introducing this feature will also allow customers that really want your product to actually purchase it, increasing your sales further!


5. Include a Human

It has been mentioned a lot that video content is the way forward, and everyone is right, 72% of consumers prefer videos over text marketing – but what type of video?

Including a physical human being in a video ad is going to make it more relatable for consumers.

Take a typical Bose advert, for example. Someone is in a loud, crowded place when they put on a pair of Bose headphones and suddenly escape their busy reality.

Well, most people experience a hectic environment almost every day and would kill to escape from it all for 5 minutes (relatable right). A video advert really doesn’t have to be complicated, simply including a human increase the level of purpose a product may hold.

6. Daily Raffle

Providing an incentive for customers to visit your website every day can really help you sell more products.

Adding an extra tab to your website that allows a customer to enter their email for the chance to be entered into a daily raffle builds your mailing list, website traffic, social media engagement and a whole lot more.

In the process of visiting your site to view the daily raffle results, carefully positioned products can catch the eye of your visitors and increase the chance of an additional sale.

This requires a little work but is an effective strategy to increase your sales in the short and long term.

7. Refer a Friend

Offering a reward to those who refer a friend is another great incentive for customers to promote your business for you.

Whether the reward is a 10, 20 or 30 percent discount, its value that your customers receive for doing next to nothing.

Creating convenient strategies like this, that contain value for your business and the consumer, requires little work but can be extremely rewarding.

Take, Trading 212. For simply referring a friend to sign up for the platform, you are rewarded with free shares. Trading 212 has made use of a trading barrier to entry, ‘have money’, and created a promotion out of it.


This article could have shown you 7 standard techniques used by the majority of businesses to boost eCommerce sales, but that carries no value at all.

As an eCommerce marketing agency, we recognise the long term way to generate sales and function sustainably is through doing things differently, or you won’t exceed your competitors or achieve your business objectives.

Therefore, the 7 unique marketing tips you should optimise to boost your eCommerce sales are:

  • Display Your Site Security
  • Go Incognito
  • Instant Buy
  • Financing
  • Include a Human
  • Daily raffle
  • Refer a Friend

The marketing tips in this article are likely known by most people in the eCommerce industry, however, it is how you take action on these tips that will differentiate you and your business, to everyone else. Also check the best e-commerce online courses from the article.