Digital Marketing Articles You Should Read In 2022

Marketing has evolved, human behavior has changed, and marketers should keep up. You can take advantage of this post that contains the collection of popular digital marketing articles around to get the general notion of the present year.

Let’s look briefly at what the year 2022 has brought to the marketing industry: The huge shift in mobile, forcing brands and companies to meet the growing consumerism demand and also changes the way they look at the marketing platforms.

The short and long formatted videos are everything and everywhere. You don’t need to be a big-budget company to shoot some videos because lately, content writing is not enough to stay at the game. Visuality is important more than ever.

On the other hand, many CMO’s are trying to keep up the pace with the future of innovation in the marketing industry to fill the skill gap. Human creativity based apps and brilliant new technologies continue to rise.

If you want to know where you are going, first you need to understand where you came from. In case you missed some of the most remarkable digital marketing articles from the beginning of this year, we prepared a list of “Digital Marketing Articles You Should Read In 2022”.

Here are the best digital marketing articles for you to read in 2022.

Gleaning insights from information

“Digital strategy is an ever-evolving process; something we’re always striving to be better and more efficient with. Deeper insight leads to stronger strategy; and both push for higher campaign ROI.”

Cavol Forbes from Flightpath shares his notes from 4A’s Learning Academy’s conference the team attended. In this useful article, he explains how to improve the client & agency collaboration for the best outcome with four significant points.

Google’s “nofollow” Evolution

Google has recently announced changes to the way nofollow links are measured. It’s timely and ridden with a mix of implications – especially given that 2019 is the year on-page ranking factors have edged ahead of off-page. Well, at least that seems to be the general consensus amongst SEO experts.” 

John Stefanidis, Head of Digital Marketing at Devotion digital agency, explains how did nofollow links work and what does this all mean in his latest article.

How Data Might Blow Up Your Project Plan, and Why That’s Actually a Good Thing

We have all delivered a project over budget, or later than planned. All of those situations are never fun, but the far worse situation is delivering a product that the consumer finds no value in. If we do that, then it really doesn’t matter if it’s over budget or late because it’s already a failure.” 


James McAvoy from Y Media Labs clearly explains the importance of data. At its root the inherent nature of data can force us to rethink our direction, disprove our hypothesis, or cause us to realize that we’re trying to solve the wrong problem and if it’s the case, we should learn it as soon as possible.

Ultimate eCommerce Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

Every step of a CRO campaign has to be based on the data to have a positive impact on your bottom line. And this is really how the top eCommerce brands make decisions.

Now, I wish that doubling your conversion rate was as easy as writing about it. It’s a difficult and often complex process but we’re going to break it up into tiny bite-sized chunks and present you with some amazing tools that will help you simplify the process even more.

Mayple, demonstrates the importance of conversion rate optimization and how can you improve it based on data. The article shows that with the right A/B tests, you can increase your revenue.

30 Brands with the Best Digital Marketing Campaigns

“It can be hard to execute a digital marketing strategy that connects with your customer, increases your brand awareness, and skyrockets your revenue, but a great way to get inspired is to look at brands that are making some noise in the digital marketing world and analyze what they’re doing.”


In the digital marketing world, it can be hard to execute a digital marketing strategy but if you want to get some inspiration, you can look at brands that creating buzz in this field. You can also analyze their strategies. This article gives you some of the perfect examples of these strategies used.

“The reality is that tech companies are often spending so much time and effort on innovation and disruption for their products that they don’t take the time to devote equal energy toward their digital marketing efforts.”

One of the digital marketing articles on our list is from Adobe Blog. Jill Steinhour gives tips to tech companies to be more consumer-centric businesses rather than B2B oriented businesses. She thinks that consumer views can accelerate tech’s pace and she emphasizes the importance of data integration in digital marketing.

What Does a Strong Marketing Strategy Look Like?

After 16 years in business and seeing all manner of strategy consultants and marketing experts, we’ve combined everything we’ve learned, and from feedback by customers it far the best strategy they have ever seen.”

Ben Hirons, the founder and director of Due North digital agency, shares a short but to the point article on how a compelling marketing strategy should be. You can find out the things you should consider while you are creating your marketing strategy and ask yourself the right questions as well. He also shared short videos within his article so, the video version is available too.

Natural Language Processing in Organic Search: The State of Play

Will BERT change anything significantly for SEOs in this area? Not immediately, is my guess. It’s another step towards Google being able to make use of sentiment in their search results, but I would be very surprised if they are already doing so to any extent.”

The content specialist in Impression’s SEO team analyzed the effect of the Google update BERT and he takes a dive into the current state of NLP (Natural Language Processing) in organic search.

What Is Lifetime Access & How To Understand It In The Digital World

Buying and selling digital goods assumes among many other things license, terms & conditions, and other legal stuff that we don’t read & understand. But what many deal websites and digital agencies use often is Lifetime access.

Dan Irascu, the head of the Online Marketing Department at Mobiteam, is helping others in need to find good tech reads and great IT services. In this article, he talks about the definition of ‘Lifetime Access’, how to read it, and as well about the pros and cons of this controverted term we often meet.

How To Start a Digital Marketing Strategy (That Gets Result)

“A digital marketing strategy provides the framework your company needs to make the best decisions for strategic development and implementation.

In this article, John Lincoln, CEO of Ignite Visibility shares a step-by-step guide about starting online marketing by building a digital marketing strategy framework for your business.

The Future Of Everything That Matters In Digital Marketing

“In my last article, I questioned the power that content marketing still holds as we reach a saturation point. We already have a sea of content available today, with more being published every minute of every day. While it took a quarter-century longer than the pundits of 1994 thought it would take, we are starting to see some fundamental changes in the way businesses go to market.”

With 24 years of experience in the marketing business, Bill Carmody shares his past experiences and future predictions in this article. He compares then and now. Through this article, he questions the power of content marketing and points out some fundamental changes in the way businesses go to market. AI, Augmented Reality, VR, Automation, Blockchain are the main subjects of his latest article.

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