Digital Marketing Agency Portfolio Examples: Key Questions Answered

Without a well-thought-out agency portfolio, it is impossible to prove to your potential clients that you can deliver on your promises. Your portfolio must include detailed explanations of your agency’s previous work, focusing on how you achieved your goals and to what extent. 

Your portfolio, also known as a section of case studies, works, or success stories, should include details about your strategies as well as the scope of your successes. Without such detailed documentation and evidence of your expertise, demonstrating the effectiveness of your approach and fulfilling your promises to clients becomes a formidable challenge.

Before going through the elements that make an agency’s portfolio great, why don’t you check out our carefully curated list of digital marketing agencies to see which portfolios actually get approval?

Which Results Were Achieved?

You should describe your agency’s services and the measurable results it has achieved. So, simply listing your previous projects is never enough.

Whether you are building a marketing or advertising agency portfolio, it needs to clearly demonstrate how your agency solved specific challenges, the strategies used, and the significant results of those efforts. Also, you should share instances where you adeptly navigated complex marketing challenges to meet client objectives.

By spotlighting the tangible results of those services, you basically underscore your commitment to delivering on your promises. For each project, describe the objectives, the customized strategies executed, and the achieved results, supported by metrics to validate these accomplishments. 

This method not only evidences your agency’s impact but also its strategic and operational proficiency.

To better understand, consider the following example. When an agency creates a portfolio webpage without real success stories, as in the example below, it can’t generate the same level of trust as scenarios that provide clear results.

Digital Marketing Agency Portfolio Examples: Key Questions Answered - Which Results Were Achieved?

Who Were Your Clients?

To show the world -of course, we mean potential clients- that you achieved strategic outcomes after careful work, you should provide detailed information about your previous clients, such as their industry, impact, and market share. Generally, this makes a good start to a case study in detail.

You can also share direct links to your previous clients websites, which may actually allow, in some cases, the visitors to observe the impact of your marketing strategies firsthand. 

In Which Industries Are You Proficient?

Talk about the industries where you’ve done great work and explain how you’ve met their special needs and turned tough situations into wins. 

This part is not just to list where you’ve worked, but to show you can handle the unique challenges of each industry and come out on top. And dive deeper by describing how your agency’s approach was tailored to the specific demands of these industries, highlighting your team’s ability to think on their feet and adapt strategies that align with industry standards and expectations. 

Also, sharing stories of how your agency has not only achieved goals but also exceeded them by leveraging industry insights showcases your commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks. 

How Does Your Work Look?

You should benefit from multimedia content to clearly show what you achieved. Share images of your project if you are building a creative agency portfolio, or create infographics summarizing your efforts in SEO, ASO, PPC, or any other data-related area. Support your narrative with videos featuring your previous clients speaking about what you’ve done together. 

Don’t forget to pick the best examples that show off your team’s creative solutions and how you’ve solved problems. This helps potential clients see how careful and creative you are in your work, proving why you’re the right choice. 

How Unique Are You?

What special thing does your agency bring to the table? Maybe it’s your smart use of data, your fresh marketing ideas, or your focus on being green and ethical. 

Describe how your agency separates itself from the competition by presenting examples of creative problem-solving. Emphasize the significance of your unique approaches in crafting successful campaigns. Illustrate the positive outcomes for clients and the industry as a whole that result from your innovative strategies.

In addition, you should highlight the significance of your agency’s culture and values in propelling these unique solutions. By illustrating how your team’s teamwork, creativity, and commitment to excellence form the basis of every project, you can help potential clients see the depth of your distinctiveness, not just in your offerings but in your innovative mindset and actions that differentiate you from competitors.

Agency Portfolio Examples for Inspiration

It’s time to look at real-world examples of creative, advertising, and marketing agency portfolios. We’ll go through them one by one and analyze how they manage to demonstrate their skills and tell their success stories in the best way possible.

Major Tom

On the portfolio-dedicated page of Major Tom, we’re greeted with an array of previous projects: a beauty brand aimed at bolstering customer acquisition, a charity showcased for its exemplary digitalization efforts, a supermarket highlighted for its effective ROAS strategies, and many more.

Major tom portfolio

As we dive deeper into one of the numerous projects listed on their website, we learn details about the brand, the campaign’s challenges, the solutions crafted, and the outcomes—each illustrated with precise metrics that highlight the agency’s expertise and commitment.

Major tom portfolio-2

Additionally, they skillfully utilize images to encapsulate the essence of each project, underlining the significance of visual storytelling in their presentations.

Major tom portfolio -3


Another exemplary agency portfolio can be found on Crowd’s website, where they’ve simplified navigation through their case studies with an efficient and straightforward filter system.

services filtering on landing page of a digital agency

Upon exploring a case study, you’re greeted with a concise overview of the services provided, coupled with an eye-catching introduction that offers insights into the client’s background.

digital agency case study Crowd x Belkin

A short scroll down reveals the challenges faced in the project, immediately drawing your attention.

Case study explanation

Following this, the solutions devised for the client are detailed, showcasing Crowd’s strategic approach to overcoming obstacles.

Solution of Belkin x Crowd case study

At the end of the page, the project’s results are proudly demonstrated and supported by a client testimonial highlighting the success of the collaboration.

Moreover, images from the project are thoughtfully placed throughout the webpage, enhancing the narrative and providing a visual complement to the case study’s story.


On Beyond’s “Work” page, they’ve showcased their case studies with a combination of effective design and functionality. Even before clicking through to a specific case study’s dedicated page, visitors can effortlessly glean information about the services provided by the agency and the objectives of each project.

bynd case study & portfolio

Upon selecting “view project”, visitors are met with a meticulously crafted page that features a captivating title, compelling them to read every sentence presented.

Here, they outline the core concept they focused on, the strategies employed to bring this idea to life, and the significant impact the project had.

They also enrich the narrative with client testimonials and project images, adding authenticity and depth to each case study.


Propeller’s website hosts an impressively organized case study page, offering a wealth of options for visitors to explore.

Propeller portfolio

Each case study features a captivating title that succinctly summarizes the project, accompanied by a skillfully crafted summary of the project and client, setting the stage for what’s to come.

propeller case study

They proceed to detail their discovery, planning, and design phases, with a clear emphasis on the specific services provided to the client, ensuring readers understand the comprehensive approach taken.

Propeller case study & portfolio

And, as expected, the culmination of each case study page is the presentation of results, delivered with utmost clarity, showcasing the tangible outcomes of their efforts.

propeller results

Straight North

Straight North introduces a novel approach to sharing success stories, greeting visitors with confident copy that showcases their expertise and facilitates case study exploration through an intuitive filter.

Straight North

Selecting a client from their diverse portfolio reveals a one-page PDF in a new tab. This document concisely summarizes every critical aspect of the project. It informs the visitor about the brand, outlines the strategy developed, explains how they addressed the challenges, and presents the outcomes of their efforts, quantified with precise percentages.

Straight North case studies

To summarize what we’ve covered throughout this blog, a compelling portfolio goes beyond simply showcasing work; it actually builds trust, displays capability, and influences potential clients’ decisions.

Let your portfolio be a true testament to the endless possibilities that innovative thinking and strategic execution can provide your prospective clients with. Are you ready to craft a portfolio that not only displays your work but also tells a compelling story of success and innovation?

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