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Behind Major Tom’s Ice Bucket Challenge

Major Tom headed outside their headquarters to drench their CEO, President, and Co-Founders each with a bucket filled with ice and water last month.

The Ice Bucket Challenge may have gone viral five years ago but the disease it raises awareness and funds for is still around and incurable. So what inspired Major Tom to do it again? Their culture and care for everyone and anyone that’s a part of Major Tom.

Michelle Berg has been with Major Tom for 16 years out of the company’s 19 years of doing business. In fact, she was the second person to be hired which, back then, brought the company’s total headcount to four. Her time working with one of their Co-Founders, John Blown, goes even further back. Working together for 3 years at a previous company before John and Chris Breikss went off to launch what they’ve come to know and love as Major Tom.

Sadly, Michelle’s mother was recently diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, or motor neuron disease. Michelle has therefore taken a step back from Major Tom, moving to a contractor position, so that she can dedicate more time and energy to care for her mother and family. They’re proud of her decision and it’s a testament to what an amazing person she is.

Major Tom are surprised Michelle with the challenge on her last day in the office and gave her the honor of doing the dumping (which she happily – and quickly – accepted). Furthermore, for the total amount fundraised by everyone in the agency, Major Tom contributed double the amount. In total, they managed to raise an impressive $5,175 for ALS Society of Canada.


The Ice Bucket Challenge certainly brought some laughs. The overall occasion brought some tears. Although Major Tom are still working with Michelle, they wish her and her family all the best during this time.

If you want to help support this cause, please donate to The ALS Association or ALS Society of Canada.

We wish Berg’s mother to get well soon and present our best wishes as well.

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