Croud Partners With Cedara Measuring Tool to Cut Carbon Emissions

Digital marketing agency Croud is taking action towards net zero carbon emissions with Cedara across its organization and media supply chain.

Cedara is a carbon intelligence platform that provides climate management solutions for businesses tackling their carbon output, is a UK member of the Ad Net Zero initiative, and is the founding partner of the US chapter. 

The digital advertising industry makes up 3.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, surpassing the aviation industry’s 2.5%. It’s therefore imperative for the digital advertising and marketing sector to take proactive steps in reducing its carbon footprint and to work towards more sustainable practices.

Croud will be leveraging Cedara’s Enterprise platform, providing access to an automated measurement system to assess Croud’s entire carbon footprint. 

This covers everything from media distribution and production in all channels, including digital, to carbon emissions produced by events, travel, and office energy use. This information is fed into a comprehensive reporting suite, which uses de facto standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.


Additionally, Croud plans to utilize Cedara’s Investment Hub to track emissions of their total media investments across vendors, ad platforms and publishers.

This information will give Croud the tools to build and execute an effective roadmap to net zero. Through Cedara’s fully integrated marketplace, featuring third-party verified projects, Croud is able to begin offsetting its carbon emissions immediately. 

Luke Smith, co-founder and CEO of Croud, said:

It’s essential businesses like Croud do more to reduce our carbon footprint, but in many ways, getting started on the journey to sustainability is the hardest part – knowing how to navigate the landscape, make sensible decisions and drive genuine change. I’m committed to reducing our carbon footprint and excited to be partnering with Cedara to drive this, as well as supporting our clients and partners in making greener choices in their advertising.

Eric Shih, COO at Cedara, added:

We’re proud to welcome Croud as partners utilizing the Cedara platform, ensuring their sustainability goals are aligned with the goals of the Ad Net Zero initiative, of which we are members. All of our partners can count themselves as critical players in helping build the path to net zero across the media supply chain by 2030.

About Croud

Croud is an award-winning, global, full-service digital marketing partner, specializing in developing key strategies for sustainable business growth.