The SEO Works Grows Digital PR Offering as Demand Accelerates

Award-winning digital marketing agency The SEO Works have recently launched Digital PR as a standalone service for the first time, due to surging demand.

The Sheffield-based agency has provided Digital PR as part of their SEO service for many years – building links via considered PR outreach techniques for many of their leading brands.

Recently demand has surged dramatically, leading to the agency taking steps to build out a standalone service. This meant developing the team, putting internal structures in place, and finessing the SEO-centric provision.

Alex Hill, Sales Director said:

This is the first time we’ve deemed it necessary to create a service that our clients can choose to engage within isolation. The development of our Digital PR service is something that we wanted to ensure still had SEO principles at its core. Our reputation in the industry is something we’re extremely proud of, and we wanted this new launch to match that from the get-go.

The SEO Works will take a creative and journalistic approach to Digital PR, yet with a heavily SEO-focused perspective – the primary goal being to strengthen the authority of clients’ websites through obtaining high-quality backlinks.

Account Director, Michael Sandford said:

Content and technical SEO is essential, but to build authority, websites need links. As Google develops greater sophistication, for most brands Digital PR has become the best and most scalable way to build quality links. That’s why we’ve seen such a surge in interest.

With the team landing links in major publications such as Forbes, Mashable, Marie Claire, The Motley Fool, The Express, and many more, as well as more key hires on the horizon, it’s an exciting time for the agency. Find out more about the Digital PR service here.

About The SEO Works

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