Nifty Marketing Australia COVID-19 Marketing Success With Circle Health

Circle Health in Melbourne Altona North approached Nifty Marketing to help promote their respiratory clinic helping to protect its citizens form COVID-19.

Nifty Marketing took on the task on re-editing and developing the already originally designed website for Circle Health and prepared search engine Optimisation – SEO for Circle Health.

Keywords that generated huge traffic are; “COVID Testing Altona”, “Respiratory Clinic”, “COVID Testing Near me”, “COVID Clinic”, etc.

Have a look at the traffic report summary of 35 days since they started working on increasing the traffic of the website.


Nifty Marketing’s SEO Strategy helped Circle Health to increase their overall traffic by 300%. Their average domain traffic before we started working was about 80 to 90 per day. The traffic then jumped to three and sometimes four figures in a single day at one point. Average traffic when they finished working on their two month long SEO Plan was 300+ page views per day.

Nifty Marketing’s Suggested

Nifty Marketing Australia proposed a fully integrated plan executed from the first phase – Website Revamp to the second phase – building traffic and increasing leads from patients. This was carried out in a very difficult period during the COVID-19 crisis. Despite the commotion, they increased the client’s digital footprint, leads, traffic and improved customer retention on their site with an enhanced user interface and more intuitive user journey.

What was needed for Circle Health was to be easily found within all search engines to achieve the leads needed. Hence, gaining more positions within the Google Search Engine Results. Circle Health needed to be more easily found in the search engines, to achieve a greater number of leads, thus gaining market share.

What Nifty Marketing Australia Did?

In-depth keyword research and analysis builds the cornerstone of every great SEO campaign, and they spent over 50 hours researching and analysing keywords and different combinations, to discover which keywords were going to bring this website the greatest numbers of targeted traffic. State-of-the-art SEO was performed on the website, and additional content-rich and informative webpages were built to further solidify and unify the themes of the website.

Supporting SEO activities included creating quality relevant content aimed at Circle Health’s target market, publishing some at the website, publishing some at niche websites and relevant social media platforms, linking said content to several sites and promoting said content. Their SEO activities also included niche link building and social media marketing, and more.

By understanding the competition and their ideal customers, Circle Health aligned with the opportunity in the market. This involved targeting the keywords that mattered most. They began to see results through the weekly analytics Nifty Marketing Australia was providing and understood there was much more traffic coming into the website. Nifty Marketing increased the website visitors up to 300%, more than 300 daily visits were occurring.

After Search Engine Optimisations

After completing and exhausting all SEO tactics into Circle Health’s website, Nifty Marketing Australia advised Circle Health that it would be in its best interest to begin marketing on social media platforms. Taking into consideration Nifty Marketing did an excellent job in the SEO work, Circle Health chose Nifty Marketing Australia to support them in driving a stronger brand awareness, patient’s enquiry, and any other hospital needs.

Circle Health knew they had to start taking their marketing efforts more seriously and branch out to other platforms, both traditional and digital. Recognised as part of the sales funnel, Circle Health understood that social media is a support act to a routine and diligent sales program – which they began to undertake.

How Social Media Marketing Helped

Nifty Marketing Australia creates authentic communication that aligns with your brand and engages your customers. Also, they recognise that not all social platforms are right for your business. Hence, it takes a clear understanding of each channel to both, select the right network, and create the right mix of content. Therefore, with extremely limited ad budget and smart, well targeted content, Nifty Marketing Australia was able to increase Circle Health’s Facebook following by over 200%.

Engagements have increased significantly, thus increasing the Circle Health’s online presence and traffic. In addition to that, they were able to increase their visitors on YouTube and Instagram. Thus, enabling brand awareness along with getting information online for the entire web to see.

About Circle Health

Circle Health is the largest Medical Centre within the Inner West of Melbourne. They are a fresh, new, multidisciplinary health hub that provides services to Altona North and surrounding suburbs, west of Melbourne.

The goal of Circle Health is to provide GP, specialist, dentist, and allied healthcare services in an all-encompassing health environment, conveniently located under one roof. Their motto “Your health first” promotes the philosophy of the group, as they work with individuals to help them prioritise their health, in all its forms.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Circle Health was all over the news giving out advice and making sure people knew the seriousness of the disease. Being the Largest Medical Centre in Melbourne meant that there was room for many patients to be treated and tested. Due to this, Circle Health approached Nifty Marketing Australia to ascertain everyone in the Melbourne region and all over Australia knew what was going on with the Coronavirus.

About Nifty Marketing

Their digital marketing agency helps over 200 companies to increase consumer loyalty and find new customers online. With Nifty Marketing Australia you will find a selection of their expert work. Take a look at some of the results they’ve delivered.

Nifty Marketing Australia takes into account all possible scenarios when dealing with customers, they like to give back to the community, take a look into their socials to see what they’ve given back. When Circle Health Approached Nifty Marketing on raising awareness on information about the COVID-19, they went on with the work and constantly spoke back and forth with the various Doctors working within the Circle Health Medical Centre.