A Smashing Success: Achieving Over 50,000 App Installs With a Targeted Marketing Campaign

SMASH, an app aimed at promoting healthier takeaway or dining options among teens and young adults, sought to effectively reach and engage its target demographic. Achieving this required a precise, creative, and personalised approach to resonate with the younger audience and drive both redemptions and repeat purchases.


SMASH’s primary challenge was to connect with its target demographic— teens and young adults— effectively. This involved not only capturing their attention and persuading them to install the app, but also driving engagement to encourage redemptions and repeat purchases.

Performance Highlights

  • 50,000+ App Installs Achieved
  • 84% Increase in Conversion Rate
  • Successful Acquisition by a Healthcare Company

Increased Installs: The targeted marketing campaign created by Favoured was highly successful, resulting in over 50,000 app installs. This achievement underscores the effectiveness of our approach in capturing the attention of the target demographic and persuading them to engage with the SMASH app.

Mid-Funnel Conversions: In addition to the app installs, our personalised mid-funnel communications also significantly increased conversion rates by 84%. This figure demonstrates the effectiveness of our approach in driving engagement and retention, leading to redemptions and repeat purchases.


Our targeted marketing campaign and personalised mid-funnel communications effectively addressed SMASH’s challenges, resulting in over 50,000 app installs and an impressive increase in conversion rates. These achievements, alongside the successful acquisition by a healthcare company, highlight the long-term impact and effectiveness of our marketing strategies.

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