Steve Lamar

Steve spent over a decade working in digital agencies helping brands improve their marketing performance. He is the founder and CEO of PromoPrep - an intuitive planning and calendar platform built for marketing teams and agencies.

BLOG | Email Marketing

How to Create an Email Marketing Calendar in 2021

How many batch and blast marketing emails do you get in a day? More importantly, how often do you mark all of them as “read” without actually reading them?  Naturally, you don’t want to be just another brand that clutters your customers’ inboxes. So how then can you cut through the noise and ultimately increase …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

How to Create an Effective Content Calendar

One of the best ways to maintain a consistent flow of new content without sacrificing too much time is by creating an effective content calendar.  What Is a Content Calendar? A content calendar is a guide to the creation of content that will be shared with your audience. It can be a mix of blog …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

12 Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers in 2021

The pace of digital marketing continues to increase. With more content, data, tools and channels at our disposal, it’s hard to keep up with everything that’s available. And the amount of time we spend sitting at our desks on a browser is unreal. To make the most of your time, here’s a compilation of 12 …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

How to Create an Integrated Marketing Calendar

Marketing has a unique way of making things overly complicated. So many channels, so many messages, so much data to track, so many target markets to push into, and so many people to keep up to date. Over the years working in agencies, I’ve had the privilege of being exposed to many different brands’ processes …

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