Assisted By WeThink, FK Distribution Encourages Young People To Earn Their Own Moolas

A study elaborated by Center for Social Udvikling shows that the number of young people with part-time-jobs has decreased since 2008.

A lot of spare-times jobs are intended for people over the age of 15, which leaves the young people between 13-14 without great opportunities of having an after-school-job. This complex issue is what FK tries to suppress, with help from WeThink and a great amount of humor.

Parents must encourage young people to earn their own cool cash

FK Distribution offers both young and older people to work as deliverers of advertisements. But with their new campaign they wanted to get even more young people to grasp the wagons and start working as deliverers. As a rule, the campaign wanted to direct the parents, so they could push their teenagers out of the bed and out doing something. And this is where WeThink took on the case.

Head of Marketing from FK, Lars Ingildsen commented,

We chose WeThink, as they from the very beginning understood how to use humor to solve the task, so our campaign concerning jobs as deliverers addressed both parents and their teenagers.

It turned out as a campaign full of street-language, an awkward dad and focus on the fact that parents and teenager do not always share the same language. At the same time the campaign contains a request to young people: that they can earn their own bacon. All of it was launched with an online campaignfilm and display banners. Furthermore, was brought up to date with a new identity and logo, developed by WeThink.

Great results and a new film

Parents as an approach and a great sense of humor has proven to be the right call. Soon after the launch, FK experienced an increasing interest in the job as deliverer, from the very young target group. Therefore, FK and WeThink immediately started second heat of the campaign. A new film, containing both the street-language and an awkward parent in the leading role, is already launched.

Partner at WeThink, Ghita Holst, says,

Every parent to a teenager knows the challenge of getting them to work, away from the phone and not least to understand what they are saying. It has been exciting and especially amusing to dive into the young people’s language and behavior.

FK Distribution and WeThink hope that the campaign will make more parents willing to help their teenagers get a job, so they can get a taste of the working life and of course making their own moolas.

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