Anmako’s Success Story: How OOm Helped Increase Sales by 130% in 6 Months

Anmako is a fashion brand that offers clothing items that reflect the dynamism and vibrancy of a modern Singaporean lifestyle.

The brand’s concept, Singapore Chic, is inspired by Singapore’s blend of international cultures, tropical climate, and balance of work, play, and leisure. The brand fuses traditional Indonesian art with a contemporary Japanese flair to create unique designs.

Anmako has a deep appreciation for Asian art and textiles and is committed to reflecting this in their style. The brand’s range currently comprises carefully curated cotton and linen materials from Indonesia and Japan, with plans to introduce fabrics from across Asia in the coming years. Anmako strives to create apparel that is always beautiful and pleasant to wear, whether at home, at work, or when on vacation.


Anmako aims to increase online traffic to its e-commerce website through search engine optimisation. (SEO)

Before Engaging With OOm

Both founders of Anmako knew that SEO is an important aspect of digital marketing so they tried to learn about SEO on Google and YouTube. They managed to rank some keywords related to their business on Google but were not able to increase the online traffic to their e-commerce website.


After engaging with OOm, a leading and award-winning digital agency in Singapore, multiple keywords related to Anmako ranked on page 1 of the Google search result page. Implementing effective SEO strategies increased organic traffic to Anmako’s e-commerce website, which in turn increased online sales within a short time.

Why Anmako Selected OOm As Their SEO Agency

Despite the fierce competition in the SEO industry and many SEO vendors available, Anmako chooses OOm because of the following reasons:

Comprehensive SEO Services

OOm is a leading SEO company in Singapore that offers comprehensive SEO services, including a focus on keyword & mapping, meta data, backlink analysis, image ALT optimisation, technical audit, content enhancement, website enhancement, and content planning.

OOm helped Anmako increase its search ranking and organic online traffic to its e-commerce website by providing a wide range of SEO services such as:

  • Keyword Research – researching relevant and most searched keywords
  • On-Page SEO – refers to optimising content within the website
  • Off-Page SEO- sharing optimised content to other websites and leading the traffic to Anmako’s e-commerce website
  • Technical SEO – Optimised the back-end of an e-commerce website so the search engine bots can crawl and index the web pages

Additionally, OOm continues to provide ongoing support to ensure that Anmako’s ecommerce store performs well in search results over time, which is crucial for SEO success.

Good Understanding Of SEO

Even though SEO is a constantly changing landscape, OOm invests a lot of time and resources to stay updated with the latest changes in search engine algorithms, and best SEO practices.

OOm has employed a team of experts with various skills and specialisations, such as content writers, backlink builders, and technical SEO specialists, which enables them to offer a more comprehensive SEO service to their clients.

Excellent Customer Service

Throughout the engagement of Anmako with OOm, the SEO company was very patient in answering all of the questions related to SEO. The SEO consultant that was assigned to Anmako proposed keywords for its e-commerce website to rank on page 1 of Google search and increase online sales.


  • Helped Anmako’s e-commerce website to rank on page 1 of the Google search engine results page
  • 130% more online sales within six months from an improved organic website

Eiko Sumantri, Director and one of the founders at Anmako said:

I’ll definitely recommend OOm for SEO services!

About OOm

OOm is a leading SEO agency founded in 2006, specialising in search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media management (SMM), digital content creation, and website design & development. OOm is part of the top 3% of Google Partners in Singapore and a Meta (Facebook) Business Partner.

They are also a pre-approved PSG (Productivity Solutions Grant) vendor recognised by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), which offers both Digital Marketing and E-Commerce PSG solutions to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It also expanded its digital marketing services to Asian countries like the Philippines, Hong Kong SAR and China.