Revamping OMNI’s Subscriber Funnel: A Success Story of Increased Sales and Improved Customer Retention

Omni, a thriving vegan pet food brand, sought our expertise to optimise their complete subscriber funnel, with an emphasis on boosting sales and retaining subscribers.


Omni’s primary objectives were to enhance their full subscriber funnel, from video production to acquiring new subscribers. The overarching aim was to boost sales and increase subscriber retention. To achieve this, they needed a comprehensive yet targeted marketing and content strategy that would not only attract but also retain a loyal customer base.

Strategic Approach

We adopted a multi-faceted approach, leveraging advertising and influencer marketing alongside the production of high-quality video content, to maximise Omni’s sales and customer retention.

Advertising and Influencer Marketing: Our team utilised the power of advertising and influencer marketing to dramatically increase the brand’s sales, recognising the influence and trust these figures have garnered in the target audience.

High-Quality Video Content: Understanding the power of visual content, Favoured produced high-quality video material that outperformed existing campaigns, enabling Omni to scale rapidly.

Comprehensive Email Management and Automation: To further bolster customer retention, we implemented a comprehensive management of emails and automation, enhancing the subscriber life time value significantly.

Performance Highlights

  • 3+ scalable ROAS
  • 150% increase in sales over six months
  • 50% improvement in customer retention and LTV

Leveraging the Full Funnel: The strategic combination of advertising, influencer marketing, high-quality video content, and robust email management resulted in a ROAS above 3. This impressive return not only signified a marked improvement in Omni’s advertising efficiency but also played a key role in their sales surge by over 150% within six months.

Nurture Leading to Retention: Our comprehensive approach went beyond merely acquiring new customers. By leveraging in-depth email management and automation, we were able to bolster customer retention by 50%, significantly enhancing the subscriber LTV.

Key Achievements

  • A Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) above 3
  • A 150% increase in sales over six months
  • A 50% enhancement in customer retention and Lifetime Value (LTV)


Our integrated marketing and content strategy successfully accelerated Omni’s sales growth and solidified the brand’s relationship with its customers. The results clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of combining high-quality content, strategic advertising, and meticulous customer management in enhancing sales and customer retention.

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