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Achieving A Great User Interface In 10 Steps

How do your customers interact with you online? It’s an essential question that you have to answer before you can work through the best interface for your business.

That probably depends in large part about what they need, be it payment, orders, answers to questions, or something else. There are other factors at play, including consistency, in designing an interface that’s a good match for your clients.

Think about your marketing materials. You probably use the same collection of fonts and certain elements in repetitive ways so that clients understand where to get what they need.

Those same principles should guide your interface design giving customers pieces of a puzzle that help them make sense of what they’re seeing. There should be a flow to using the interface a starting point and clearly defined next steps as well as alerts when someone needs to fix, change, or undo an action.

In any interface, simplicity is your friend. Unnecessary complexity will frustrate your user, and may cause them to eventually look for a site and a company that makes it easier and more efficient to work through the tasks.

Interfaces also don’t benefit from clutter; if you can streamline items and add more whitespace, you’ll create a more soothing work space. Too much visual color contrast can be difficult to navigate through as well.

Want more ideas about creating a customer-perfect interface that accomplishes your goals? Here’s an infographic from SurePayroll that includes 10 steps to achieve a great user interface:


If you want a user interface that’s attractive and represents your company well, use these tips and information in this graphic!

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