Top Social Media Agencies in Berlin With Best Strategies

By using all of the opportunities that social media platforms offer, social media agencies can create the best strategies to reach success.

Along with the creative environment of Berlin, social media agencies have a lot to present to big companies as well as small to medium-sized businesses.

What Are the Top Social Media Agencies in Berlin

Considering the importance of your social media management, you better take attention while partnering an agency. For this, we have listed the best social media agencies in Berlin to make your job easier.

  • Mimosa Agency
  • LOOP
  • Mobiteam
  • Uhura Digital
  • bytepark
  • Kemmler Kemmler

Mimosa Agency

Mimosa is a multidisciplinary digital marketing agency in Berlin that helps companies with hard-to-explain products and services optimize their marketing operations and initiatives.

At the same time, they mix strategy, creativity, and lean development to make your brand reach into the hearts of your audience. What’s more, they can empower you with the flexibility and speed you require to solve your marketing challenges.

Plus, they let you use the advantages of social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social channels.

Here are what they can perform as your social media agency:

  • Campaign management
  • Ad creation
  • Mobile marketing
  • Omni-channel strategy
  • Channel / platform management


LOOP is a creative digital agency that explores the intersections between design, digital technology and content marketing for leading brands.

In addition, at LOOP they do more than expected with the best strategy designed to bring all brand initiatives, channels and activities together in a way that thrives.

It is clear that they have a process based on a collaborative client approach. Also, they understand how to perfectly combine social media channels, expanding reach, and driving conversions to make your brand stand out from your competitors.

Their in-house media team ensures that content and performance work hand-in-hand for the perfect results.


Mobiteam does custom web design and development focusing on creating aesthetically beautiful, user-friendly and high-quality websites.

Furthermore, they can make you sure of the quality work they deliver no matter the complexity and hardships during the project.


They also specialize in basic SEO as well as advanced social media marketing campaigns. Are you aiming for online exposure? They are here to help you by providing you with the best options for your budget.

Uhura Digital

Uhura Digital is a marketing and IT agency that develops digital media formats and online campaigns that reach and involve their target audiences.

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As a marketing and technology agency, they create digital media formats and campaigns that reach and involve people. Thanks to their expertise, they can help you to take advantage of the opportunities that digital change offers in all areas of communication, sales and internal organization.

Additionally, they can create content for websites, shops and mobile applications, we manage social media actions and profiles for various clients and projects.


bytepark can be your partner agency for technology consulting and digital product development based in Berlin-Mitte. What’s interesting is that they have a passion for open source technologies.

Founded in 2001, they have a great deal of experience from over 300 client projects by focusing on mobile app development, SEO, social media marketing, UX design and web development.

Kemmler Kemmler

Kemmler Kemmler is a new breed of creative marketing agency that specializes in fashion, design and contemporary lifestyle clients.

Moreover, they combine the strategic expertise of a traditional advertising firm with the aesthetic edge of a design studio.

According to them, it doesn’t matter how good your content is if no one sees it. So they underline the importance of being online and they offer a specialized channel planning unit in-house that knows how to reach today’s most influential audiences.

In addition, they know exactly where your campaign will connect with the right market whether it’s savvy social media targeting, attention-grabbing OOH, or impactful influencer campaigns, we know exactly where your campaign will connect with the right market.


REPLUG is a Berlin-based 360° digital consulting agency focusing on mobile growth activities. They consist of a team of marketers and creative people with over 10 years of experience in the digital space.

Through their approach, they specialize in creating transparency and implementing actionable frameworks to achieve business goals. What’s more, key activities such as growth consulting, digital infrastructure, data visualization, tracking and attribution, digital acquisition, app store optimization, user engagement, and CRM are on their radar.

Furthermore, they create scalable and effective Facebook campaigns that bring results. Likewise, their user scalable and effective campaigns that bring results.

Why Should You Collaborate With a Social Media Agency?

Seeing their expertise, the top social media agencies can inspire you. This way, you can decide which one to collaborate and create great online visibility on social media accounts. It is also important that you trust the consultant you work with and believe that they will build the best social media strategy for your brand.

Through the know-how of your partner agency, you will know your target audience better and develop successful campaigns for them.

In light of the information we’ve shared above, you can now enter the world of social media with great chances for your business. What’s more, you can also discover the best digital agencies in Berlin.

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