Top 10 Influencer Marketing Platforms for Your Instagram Campaigns

Nowadays, social media is extremely popular that brands can’t ignore. With hundreds of million users, social media platforms are the ultimate sales funnels for the companies from every scale.

Since internet users apt to block ads by using tools like AdBlock, brands need to find a different way to reach out their potential clients. Top influencer marketing platforms are the ultimate solution to this problem.

Social media influencers are playing a key role here for brands, as they can influence other people’s buying decisions. Another reason why Influencer marketing become important is Gen Z.

Teenagers are so hard to reach that companies should find another solution to engage them, apart from traditional marketing channels. Gen Z trusts words and ideas of social media celebrities or influencers they follow when they are about to buy a product or service.

What is influencer marketing and how influencer marketing platforms can help?

One of the latest forms of marketing is influencer marketing. Specific brands sell their products and services and make endorsements with social media platforms. With the help of an extremely large number of followers, they establish reputation and trust with their audience.

Top influencer marketing platforms provide brands directly connect and work with influencers that listed on particular platforms. These platforms also help companies to reach out their potential customers and increase engagements and influencers to monetize their social media channels.

Brands need to be where their audience is to draw their attention, and they can’t overlook the power of Instagram. The popular social network has over “800 million monthly active users and 80% of influencers prefer Instagram for brand collaboration”. These statistics make Instagram so appealing to brands.

If you want to collaborate with influencers, first you need to find people willing to work with you. But finding suitable influencers and building relationships organically can be challenging as well as a time-consuming. Influencer marketing platforms make this process easy as they all have expertise in different areas.

They provide useful services such as influencer discovery, relationship management, influencer marketplace, campaign management and influencer content amplification and analytics and reporting to brands.

Here are the most common influencer marketing platforms:

Paladin Software

Paladin is an essential influencer marketing platform for creator networks, talent managers, and influencer marketing agencies. 

The technology streamlines influencer discovery, talent management, and campaign reporting across Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and TikTok.

Explore deep creator and audience data on social platforms and visualize key performance indicators.



There are over 1.2 million influencers across 250 industries in Upfluence. You can perform specific searches to find the most suitable influencer for you through the industry, location, social media type, engagement rates, traffic and more. After you’ve found your ideal influencer, you can see their latest social media and blog posts and contact them via the tool. With Upfluence select your influencer, manage and analyze your influencer campaign’s performance at scale.



HYPR has over ten million influencer profiles. The platform provides brands to access their audience demographics, geographical data and more with its real-time social media analytics. You can directly contact the influencers or dedicated account managers to help you find the desired influencer and monitor client conversion rates to define KPIs.


The platform has 3 million influencers in its automatically indexed database. There are 40 filters available to search and find the right influencer who can capture your audience’s attention. NeoReach also offers user-generated content campaigns, deadline tracking, posts review and exportable real-time reports.


Another influencer marketing platform Popular Chips provides the demographic distribution of the followers of any influencer. If you want to improve your marketing KPIs, benefit from reports offered by the platform and learn from competitor strategies. You can also find out who is tagging you and using your hashtags, and more.



With 120,000 fully vetted influencers, Julius is a powerful influencer search engine. You can use 50 filters to narrow your search criteria both demographically and psychographically. The platform allows you to add influencers who aren’t in their system to your current campaign. The staff of Julius vet the influencers and add their data to their database.

Tagger Media


Tagger Media offers more than an influencer search engine. By using 50 filters, you can refine search results for your interest. In its massive database, there are over 1 million influencers and over 28 million data points it tracks 8 billion social conversations. Tagger Media is a complete influencer marketplace that designed to help large scale businesses.



Mavrck’s all-in-one and patented influencer marketing platform offers to empower your brand with activating most impactful influencers, refferers, loyalists and advocates to create ideas and content touchpoints. Their influencer marketing approach is little bit different from other platforms.

They take your existing customers and encourage them to promote your products online rather than providing you a list of people who are popular on social media. All the content created by your micro-influencers can be used to attract new customers.



Influencer’s CMO is also an influencer, a famous YouTube star Casper Lee. If you want to easily distinguish genuine influencers you can trust Influencer as they tag itself “run by creators, for creators.” They’re interested in people with a high level of engagement and many real followers only in Europe. The platform offer to their customers about 1,000 but highly influential online personalities. It works similar to a boutique agency as they don’t use automation like their other competitors.



Lumanu isn’t an influencer search engine. Instead, it focuses on repurposing your content which was created by your influencers for Facebook and Instagram ads. You can add influencers to your Influencer Manager one by one or using a CSV file. Incorrect data is skipping by Lumanu so you can correct the data details whenever you want.

The platform asks permission from influencers to reach their data to brings all details about the related post and provide you to see what the influencer makes on your behalf on Instagram posts, Instagram Stories or Facebook posts.

I’ve mentioned 10 of the best influencer marketing platforms in this article. I wish this useful list of platforms will help you to search and find the most suitable influencer for your next Instagram campaign. Good luck!

Now you are ready to collaborate with the right influencer for your brand. Start with working on a few influencer collaboration ideas and reach out some influencers or get help from influencer marketing companies!

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