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Top 10 Content Creation Tools For Bloggers And Marketers

Our favorite pick of top 10 simple, yet effective content creation tools for bloggers and marketers in 2016!

Inbound marketing is now one of the most important aspects of marketing on the World Wide Web.

Long gone are the days when marketing involved getting in touch with the customers and forcing your product down on them, doing so by using spam, online ads and paid campaigns. The customers of today, actually look to brands that provide quality material in terms of blogs, eBooks or webseminars that benefits them before deciding to use your solution to solve their problem.

Providing quality content, makes your customers develop a sense of trust in your company and establishes you as an authority in your field. This approach works because it’s real, organic and it’s here to stay.

Inbound marketing requires a wide skill set and a lot of dedication. For this reason, here’s our top 10 content creation tools that are sure to aid your content generation process to attract your target market:


content tools befunky

If image-editing or graphic design isn’t one of your strong suits, this browser-based multi-functional image editor allows you to create fun images, striking collages and custom graphic designs.


content tools easel.ly

We all know we love infographics, however creating them is one tough business. With Easel.ly’s customizable templates, you can create stunning infographics in just a fraction of a time!


content tools edugeeks

For a human touch, you can appeal to editors at EduGeeksClub and get professional feedback. Apart from proofreading the writers at EduGeeksClub can assist you in creating high-quality content, so as to amass a great fan following and maintain it.


content tools ginger

One of the best grammar checker apps out there – Ginger is the perfect editor ensuring all your “i”s are dotted and your “t”s crossed. One of the most basic rules of great marketing is to provide error-free, great content that’s flawless and perfect in every way leaving no room for poor grammar or spellings.


content tools gravity

An extremely powerful personalisation tool, Gravity allows you to target content according to the demographics of each user. It also collaborates with top 50 most powerful companies on web, ensuring your content attracts the right type of viewers.

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

content tools hubspot

Consistency is key player in inbound marketing. Making new posts several times a week is your ticket to success, however this can be quite tedious specially if your content team is small. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator is a helpful tool that allows you to type three keywords and then automatically generates topics around them which you can write on.


content tools place it

Your perfect Photoshop assistant minus the extra work – PlaceIt is the best app for those with an online blog, allowing you to create high-quality images with your product being used in real-life. Simply upload a screenshot of your work and watch the tool work its magic!


content tools powtoon

Powtoon creates custom animations and videos, which is another way to create unique content. While it isn’t the easiest tool to use, it promises a professional result.


content tools stencil

Create eye-candy images for your blog with a few simple clicks with Stencil. Nothing like great-looking custom built images to catch the attention of your audience.


content tools zenpen

One of the reasons we make a strong case for ZenPen is because, its minimalist interface allows you to work on what’s most important – your content – without any distractions. Secondly you can save your text as plain text or in HTML, and it will be ready to put on your blog without any complex conversions.

While content creation and inbound marketing are hard to achieve, they produce great results. Use these top 10 content creation tools to master your content & dazzle your audience.

Which content creation tool do you think is most useful?

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