12 Tips for Getting Traffic from Google Discover

Google Discover traffic deserves more attention. You can discover new information and inspiration and stay up to date on your interests through Google Discover. And you can also be discovered.

If you own a website, you get traffic from Google Discover. The Google Discover tips will help you reach more people and encourage them to visit your page. But before that, let’s understand what this tool is.

What is Google Discover?

Google Discover is an artificial intelligence-driven content recommendation tool found in Google search application. Your search activity and history are crucial for providing a relevant and timely feed.

Google Discover personalizes the content through searches and related stories. The results in Google Discover changes based on the changes in your interests and searches. Every detail, from the suggestions offered to you in your searches to the Discover posts at the bottom of Google’s start page, is personalized within the framework of the data obtained from the Google database.  

How does Google Discover work?

Google Discover offers related contents to mobile users. At the top of the page, there is a weather and search button. Below the search button, there is a discovery feed. Voila!

Here you will find new ideas, inspirations, and discover a new world about your area of interest. The content you want to find on Google Discover doesn’t have to be up-to-date. You can find content from the past, too. It also offers breaking news. You can customize the discovery flow for yourself from the settings, and save the links and images you want to on your collection page.

Optimizing for Google Discover

Optimizing for Google Discover, you should already be producing high-quality content following SEO practices. When following SEO practices to get Google Discover traffic, even small blogs, pages and websites can garner attention. 

Google Discover is like Google’s social media feed. Unlike a search engine, the content shown here is not part of the search results. Therefore, keyword optimization will not be enough to show your content on Discover. 

Here are 12 How to get Google Discover traffic tips

Discover content policies are shaped according to the basic principles clearly stated by Google’s official website. So, what needs to be and not to be done to show up in Google Discover? I have listed some of the best Google Discover tips for you.

1.  Mobile friendly website

Your website’s mobile experience is highly important because Google Discover is a mobile-only feed tool. Accelerated Mobile Pages is a great way to optimize your website for mobile devices. They allow for fast loading and full-screen user experience, thus they ensure you rank higher in the Discovery feed. 

So, having a responsive, fast-loading website with limited or no ads, pop-ups, or interstitials will be the best way to get Google Discover traffic. 

2. Use of unique and high-quality images and videos

Pages with high-quality images and videos perform better on Google Discover. As images will get the most attention first, you should use greatly attractive and relevant images for all visual content on the page. It is important to grab your reader’s interest the moment they see your page.

Images must be compressed, at least 1,200 pixels wide, and have a descriptive filename. In addition, it is recommended to avoid the action of “using a site logo in an image”, which is one of the common mistakes. 

3. Comply with copyrights 

Google’s corporate publishing policies directly penalize pages with content shared without respecting copyright. Therefore, it is not possible for such a page to be featured by the Google Discover algorithm. 

Usually audio and video files, images, game files, software, musicals, movies, etc. may cause copyright infringement. So, you should avoid violating this rule.

4. Be consistent in your category

Whatever your category is, try not to deviate too far when creating content. If you’re posting on one topic one day and switching to a very different topic the next day, it won’t affect your audience or Google in a good way. This situation possibly does not create positive thoughts about you, on the contrary, it creates negative ones. 

If you work for a large all-encompassing media organization, this rule can be exceptional for you. You will be consistent in inconsistency, but still, find a good voice for your organization that will represent you in front of Google.

Posting on popular topics increases the possibility that people will click on your posts when they search for that topic. This situation allows you to get more clicks and rank higher in search results. 

Share by knowing which topics attract people’s attention and what they are curious about, and by specializing in these topics is very important. Trending topics will help you to get thousands of clicks in a short time. However, in this case, you will need to make a difference to be realized among many others. Approach the topic from a different angle. Be unique.

6. Advertising and sponsored content 

If you want to have content that ranks high in Google Discover, you must first reduce the number of paid ads on your page. The amount of advertising on your website should never exceed the amount of content. 

Sparing space for many ads and sponsored content can slow down your site. It also makes readers feel that you care more about the content of others than your own. If that is the case, your content will be marked as a page far away from User Experience (UX) criteria and will never appear in Google Discover. Finally, Google wants to pick the best content to list on the feed for its own user. 

7. Create quality and interesting content

Focusing on creating high-quality content that engages readers and meets their needs is critical to uncovering content on Discover. Google Discover tends to rank long, comprehensive blog content with lots of high-quality images or videos.

In fact, the strategies you implement to strengthen the SEO score and the production of SEO-friendly content mean that you produce content that is also ideal for Google Discover. By producing strong content that meets the basic search engine criteria within the framework of user-orientedness, you can make your page popular with Google Discover.

8. Get support from digital agencies 

Digital agencies help you grow on Google Discover, as they do on every platform. These agencies are specialized in what we have mentioned above and they are capable of providing you with the best service. 

With the help of professionals, you can create a much better website, improve your content, learn your rights, learn Google Discover rules and quality your media content. The support and help you get from these professional and creative agencies get you traffic on Google Discover. Professional support from the digital agencies helps you get click and simultaneously have an impressive digital reputation. 

9. User experience and AMP optimization 

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) improves the user experience because of the fast loading time with a full-screen view. It has critical importance for enabling a comfortable user-friendly experience of your website through Google Discover’s on the mobile interface. 

Having AMP optimization ensures your reader content instantly. In our age, people don’t want to wait for anything, and not for a webpage to be loaded for sure. Do not forget that there hundreds (optimistically) of competitive pages and you need to run faster to reach your target audience.  If your page takes 10 seconds or longer to open on mobile devices, your reader will probably leave. 

10. Build trust 

Social media puts more importance on the trustworthiness of your content. To improve your trust factor, get people to share your post channels through comments and shares. When people share comments and like your posts you will generate social signals that improve your popularity and rate your content higher. So it increases your content’s trustworthiness and also alerts Google that your content is great. 

Now, people are aware that there are some fake parts of digital including likes, comments and even followers. Be organic, be trustworthy. Or you may not undo the result.

11. Be transparent 

Google says that they get sources from websites with many pages that demonstrate transparency. Google Discover emphasizes that you should provide clear dates, bylines, information about authors, the publication, the publisher, the company or network behind it, and contact information to better build transparency with visitors.

Do not reveal the kitchen of your content. It’s your content and own it properly.

12.  Make sure your website is crawlable 

A critical aspect of SEO is letting Google know what your pages represent, content relevance, and more. But without Google crawling and indexing your pages, your chances of appearing in searches are reduced. 

So make sure your pages are easy to crawl and have Google index your web pages. It’s an important step to appear on Google Discover.

Hope you find these tips helpful to get more visible in Google searches. To see more tips and tricks, you can check our digital marketing related blogs.