3 Tips for Getting Ahead of Changing Consumer Behavior

The digital space has never been more competitive than it is in 2021, with many choosing eCommerce as their chosen method of shopping. Many brands have continually adapted to new attitudes and behaviors as online presence becomes more critical to success.

Consumer behavior is ever-changing, and for any social media agency in London, is it their role to adapt to these new behaviors and identify any emerging trends to ensure they’re still capturing and securing an audience’s attention at all times.

But, for those of us who aren’t marketing experts, what are these new behaviors and how can we capture them?

Below, we discuss the three new emerging types of shoppers and top tips for getting ahead of ever-changing consumer behavior.

The Social Shopper

People spent 36% more time on social media during the pandemic when the UK was in total lockdown.

With more people on their phones scrolling Instagram and Facebook, new effective ways of browsing and purchasing all within one app emerged, such as the introduction of Facebook Shop and Instagram’s new in-app check-out feature.

The convenience and ease from discovery to purchase all in one app have fueled a new kind of social shopper and the requirements to stay indoors; even novice social media users are now comfortable with the prospect of purchasing on Instagram.

To ensure your brand is fully optimized for this new wave of social media shoppers, you should have a solid social media strategy.

It’s also beneficial to partner with an eCommerce platform to offer users a seamless online shopping experience from discovery to a potential returning customer.

The Untrackable Shopper

Apple’s latest update introduces a new feature that allows users to control the data collected by third parties sites. Apps will prompt the user for each app whether they wish to enable data collection.

If the user opts to deny this permission, apps such as Facebook will have reduced visibility to track site and app behaviors via their Pixels.

As well as this, Apple will be making further limitations to the information you choose to share through its location settings. The new update will ask if you wish to share the exact location or general area, limiting how marketers can target custom audiences.

Ultimately shoppers are more protective over their third-party data than ever. This makes it harder for marketers and business owners to access valuable insights and information gained from third-party websites – like an Ecommerce store – as more users opt to restrict the ability of platforms like Facebook from tracking them with the Pixel.

Brands must bear in mind this latest change and look for alternative ways of engaging and gathering insights from their consumer to minimize any damage from this new behavior. This is also where working with a social media marketing agency like The Good Marketer comes in handy.

The Green Shopper

As well as the impact of COVID, many consumers have growing concerns over climate change in recent years, especially those within the younger demographics. More and more shoppers want to ensure that the brands they purchase from, align with their beliefs that everyone needs to play their part in protecting our planet, and rightly so.

Online businesses should look to incorporate sustainable practices if they wish to engage with the green. This includes sourcing products from fair-trade organizations to help create a greener eCommerce environment and other green practices such as vegan-free, cruelty-free products and free-range meat.

Gen-Z is paving and starting this meaningful conversation. They’re also not afraid to call out the brands that do not align or play their part in the fight against climate change, so be sure to incorporate greener consumerism habits wherever possible and don’t be scared to shout bout it.

Ultimately the digital space, as mentioned, is ever-changing and at times unpredictable. Still, to minimize any damage by consumer behavior changes and stay in the running of the ever-changing world of eCommerce, you must stay up to date with trends and conduct your research.

However, by stumbling across this article, you’re already doing so by the sounds of it! Read more about Key Opinion Consumers from our website as further reading.