The SEO Works Partnered With Effat University to Help Them Rank in Top Search Results

The SEO Works worked with Effat University to help them rank for top search results with the aim of attracting prospective students.

Higher Education SEO

The methods students use in researching the next steps of their education have changed. SEO for Universities and Colleges is becoming increasingly necessary to stand out from other institutions in the race to attract prospective students in the top ranking positions of search results. Local SEO, deep content, paid search strategies and a responsive website are a priority with the requirement to showcase the best parts of your campus early in a student’s investigatory phase.


The higher education market is becoming increasingly international, with a significant portion of students choosing to study abroad. With this opportunity widely available, the higher education market is more competitive than ever. SEO is therefore essential in helping to showcase the best of a University whilst prospective students investigate their options. The SEO Works worked with Effat University to help them rank for top search results, attracting prospective students to apply who may not otherwise have considered the institution.

Their brief was to improve the visibility of Effat University in both the UK and Arabic market. The campaign also aimed to improve site authority by building high quality inbound links.


Their approach was to target course specific search terms, relative to the offerings of Effat University. They did this in order to increase visibility amongst those with the intent to study these specific courses, thus improving chances of conversion. They targeted a mixture of English and Arabic keywords to ensure visibility was consistently increased in both target markets.

In addition to this they created unique content in a range of formats, allowing them to build high-quality inbound links to the site to increase domain authority and trust flow.


Throughout the campaign they have been able to significantly increase visibility through various content and technical improvements to the site. This has resulted in 41 new 1st page rankings and 19 new position 1 rankings for key search terms. They have also been successful in increasing the amount of high-quality links directed towards the Effat University site.

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