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The Science Of Engaging Your Audience

A simple, quick, no-frills guide on capturing the attention of your audience and maintaining it.

How to keep our audience engaged? A question that makes most marketers tick. With so many guides on the topic, there is a vast amount of information out there providing advice on keeping your users engaged. However, engaging your audience is no rocket science. It all boils down to two things: 1. attract attention and 2. maintain it.

Simply put, create content that not only attracts people, but also maintains that attraction by getting involved. Here’s how you can do each:

1. Attract attention & lure them in

To attract audience, the first thing is to know your audience; know their interests, tastes and demographics. Once equipped with this information, prepare a strategy for your content, outlining target goals and tactics to achieve them. A lot of haphazard posting and lack of planning confuses the audience and thus loses their interest.

Identify the trends that pique your audience’s interests and then work along them. Monitor your contents performance with analytics and insights. Keep what works and toss out what doesn’t.

Creating engagement equals creating a long-term channel that speaks through the interest of your audience. By creating such a space and giving your audience what they want, consistently, they will never tire of you and keep coming back for more, confidently knowing you will have what they are looking for.

2. Maintain attention & get involved

There’s a horde of brands out there all attempting to keep their audience engaged and sated. The brands that easily manage to do so, are the ones that get personally involved.

Once you post your content, be sure to monitor it and respond to all the attention it captures. Retweet, reply, appreciate, comment and talk to your users to set things in motion and make your users feel special.

Remember, conversation is key. This infographic from CMSWire provides tips to create an engaging online community using conversation:

Create Engaging Content

The idea is to keep things simple and do things that are proven to work. Follow the road of simplicity and end up engaging your audience by giving them what they want and getting back what you desire.

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