Come and Hear Crowd Speak!

Crowd‘s team of marketing experts will be sharing some marketing insights and delivering inspiring talks in the next few months – here are some highlights.

UK House in UAE

On October 19th, at 2 pm, Crowd’s very own Social Media Director, Saleem Sharma, is speaking at the online event, UK House in UAE as part of this UKAEG event. The theme of this event is: ‘bringing back the joy of travel’ and Crowd is not short of ideas and case studies in travel marketing.


Saleem will present how to use data-driven creativity to reach and engage audiences as part of Crowd’s #iFoundRAK campaign case study. This 90-minute high-quality discussion is alongside other presentations by leaders and innovators from the UK and the UAE-based advertising industry. Add this to the calendar to be inspired and learn something new!

Register for UK House At UAE here.


Agency Growth Events

Following their talk on How to Internationalise Your Business at the Camp One event on the 14th of October, Global Head of Marketing, Emma Glazier and Managing Director (NL) Jet Weevers will both be keynote speakers at Agency Growth Events (AGE) Season One event.

AGE is the world’s only event series dedicated to the growth of digital agencies and Crowd is honored to be a part of it. Agency Growth Events brings together the sharpest minds from the world of Digital Agencies & Brands.

November 16th 16:00 – Jet

Jet is part of the Camp Two event on 16th November, where the day’s topics will include: How to Plan your Exit from Day One, Why and When Agencies Buy Others, and an Alternative Take on Mergers. At 16:00 Jet will be in the spotlight talking about Expanding Your Business in Europe.

December 10th 16:00 – Emma

Emma is featuring on the second day of the Summit event. The two-day Summit is dedicated to Brand content; Learn about the Personality of Purpose, Top three things on Brands’ Growth Agendas, Culture vs Strategy and Emma’s talk will cover the Power of Community.

Register here to reserve your space at the event and hear from more than 25 expert speakers in addition to their own.


Content Marketing Virtual Summit

They will also be sharing their experience of Going Global at the Content Marketing Virtual Summit on November the 6th.

The free event is aimed at those who work in producing content and includes such topics as how to improve your writing and insights in using keywords and structuring content for search engine optimization.

With 20 speakers and up to 10,000 attendees, it’s a must-see event for content marketers around the world.

You can register for the event here.

About Crowd

Crowd is a global creative agency that specializes in amplifying demand for brands around the world.