Some Good News Announcements from Crowd

Crowd worked with brands to create and improve their strategies and here are some of their success stories for brands.

Crowd Commit to the Climate Pledge

Crowd is working towards halving their carbon emissions by 2022, to being a zero-carbon emission business by 2025. Joining thousands of other businesses, Crowd has committed to the pledge with SME Climate hub.

Like other businesses taking the pledge, Crowd need to consider many aspects of their business and how they can improve and use the tools and resources on the SME website will help them.

Crowd has started by measuring their emissions, developing a climate strategy, reducing their own emissions and the emissions in their value chain.

What Is Net Zero?

Net Zero means that you are putting no more carbon into the atmosphere than you are taking out of it, so Crowd will need to consider their workspaces, their travel, communications and technical infrastructure and see how they can improve.

Becoming A B Corp

In addition, Crowd is continuing with their B Corp application as part of their ongoing work to become a sustainable company. As part of that process, Crowd has looked carefully at the way they work, their partners and service providers, and who they work with.

Working in a sustainable way is important for the health of the planet and their international team as a whole, so making this commitment will ensure a happy and productive working atmosphere for Crowd’s team both existing and new.

A New Engagement with Retail Giants – Sedar Global

With the world gradually returning to normalcy and businesses flourishing, Crowd is eager to announce its new business venture with Sedar Global for the next three years.

Who Is Sedar Global, and How Is Crowd Helping Them?

Sedar Global is currently present in ten countries, with 22 outlets in the Middle East, offering the region the highest quality, long-lasting, and fashionable home solutions. Sedar Global’s product range varies from curtains and foldable doors to designer pillows and wallpapers, making them a one-stop-shop for innovative and chic decor for more than 125 years.

Their mission is simple; providing customers with a clear, consistent, and high-quality end-to-end immersive retail experience that will leave them feeling at ease and taken care of.

With Sedar Global undergoing a brand transformation earlier in 2020, challenges became apparent with communicating their new brand offering that would connect and resonate with new audience segments. Crowd was brought on to conduct a deep social media competitor audit to better understand the landscape and market.

Crowd then gathered these learnings and insights to redefine a tailored social strategy that would amplify Sedar Global’s core values and reposition them as the region’s leading trendy home decor retailer across the GCC.


Their love of all things digital and the latest trends has allowed them to collaborate closely to build a whole new approach for their social media and spread the word through organic posts and paid campaigns with newly designed and colorful content.

Crowd will also be managing all of Sedar Global’s paid social campaigns, helping drive brand awareness, increase site traffic, online conversions, and store footfall.

Crowd is eager about what the future holds and how this partnership will grow.

Crowd Relaunches Luxury Shopify Store for Longmire

Crowd has recently relaunched a new Shopify store for a luxury brand.

Longmire is an independent, high-end British jeweler specializing exclusively in cufflinks of exceptional quality and timeless style. The brand began in 1979 when Paul Longmire was wandering through St.James in London and discovered a cufflink in a shop window. He fell in love with the cufflink so much that he decided to buy the shop and reopened it under his own name. The rest as they say is history.

Like many businesses that have had to adjust through the pandemic, Longmire realized the importance of digital marketing, and the potential of reaching a global audience. Crowd was briefed to redesign and launch its new e-commerce website built in Shopify, and develop a creative proposition to help boost awareness and sales at home and abroad.

The key inspiration behind their creative approach was to position Longmire cufflinks as highly collectible items, on par with fine art, antiques, and wine. Crowd also added the word ‘London’ to Longmire’s logo to emphasize the brand’s rich heritage to a global market eager to buy into authentic British brands.

To showcase Longmire’s exquisite cufflinks and collectability, Crowd wrote and produced a brand video. High-level photography and videography displayed each item at its very best and will form the basis of a cut-through social media campaign to ensure Longmire’s legacy continues into the 21st century.

If you’d like to speak to them about giving your online business a boost, get in touch.

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