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Snapchat Is Setting Up Pixel Tracking To Allow Companies To Gather Useful Information

Snapchat established a conversion tracking tool which will enable marketers to track people across mobile, desktop and tablet-owned online platforms.

Titled Snap Pixel, the project enables marketers to measure growth, revenue and acquisition rates that a company has driven across devices. This will allow companies to measure analytics such as website visits, registers and purchases. Therefore, the tool will show website traffic and exposure.

In the beginning, a pixel is created by the advertisers within Snapchat’s ad-buying tool by choosing a website to track. For instance a retail merchant may want to learn how many people visited the page on  his ecommerce website after somebody made a purchase,  to measure who saw an ad and then converted on the website.

snapchat-spectaclesThe company maintains its popularity with Snapchat Spectacles, which have caused deep interest.

Or, an advertiser may track the approval page of a website that someone sees after registering for a newsletter to see if Snap Ads led someone to fill out a form. They say it will present features such as real-time optimization and custom audience creation in the next upcoming months.

Pixels will be originated directly in the Snapchat Ad Manager by advertisers, where they will be able to select a site to follow. Once it has been set, results will get measured for up to one month after someone has viewed or engaged with an ad.

Snapchat will let its users abandon retargeting, according to a spokesman.  He also mentioned that, the pixel is being used for measurement purposes only for now. So, the company will open retargeting capabilities throughout this year.

Aaron Goldman, CMO of 4C, a Snapchat ads platform partner, said,

With a pixel, you can measure downstream activity across devices. This lets you see what consumers do after they engage with an ad.

This kind of technology is functioned by almost every major enterprise including Facebook, Twitter and Google.

It it said that the project will make the company’s targeting much more sophisticated and smart compared to some of the other platforms.

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