Small Agency Of The Year’s Winner Has Re-created Nike’s Famous Jogger Campaign

Ad Age’s outgoing Small Agency of the Year winner BSSP created a hilarious spoof to honor small businesses and this year’s honoree, JohnxHannes.

Each year during Ad Age’s Small Agency Awards, the outgoing Small Agency of the Year hands off the winner’s trophy to the new honoree. Last year, Terri and Sandy celebrated the transition with a humorous video showing how the prize spent its year—and this year, BSSP created their own video.

At this year’s awards ceremony, President of BSSP Patrick Kiss has commented some advice to 2019 Small Agency of the Year JohnxHannes and presented this hilarious video. It spoofs Nike’s celebrated “Jogger” ad from 2012’s “Find Your Greatness” campaign, reworking the idea to highlight the noble struggles of small indie shops.

The former Nike spot featured a boy, jogging hardly down an empty road. It characterized “greatness” as attainable not just for the rare, genetically blessed few. Instead the ad suggests we’re all capable of such feats. BSSP’s uncanny re-creation of the film instead features a man carrying the Small Agency of the Year trophy as he lumbers along the asphalt. The voiceover subs the words “small agency” for “greatness” in some of the original spot’s script—but then builds on that as it lists off the struggles that come hand in hand with being a tiny, indie player.

The voiceover tells,

Small Agency of the Year is not some rare DNA strand. It’s not some precious thing. It’s about pitching anything that moves, hiring a shit ton of freelancers and being independent enough to lose money on any account you want. Find your smallness.

BSSP’s way is very clever to remember such remarkable ad campaigns and plus, brings a new perspective to its origins.