5 Signs How AI Has Changed Digital Marketing Landscape

By now, we all are aware that AI is the future. It is set to change the complete landscape of digital marketing and have a tremendous effect on employment. MintTwist is among those agencies who are adapting to AI and all the new changes and trends.

So, What Exactly is AI?

Artificial intelligence is a part of computer science created to simulate a human’s intelligence. AI, in the future, will be on par with the human mindset. It will analyse, think and adapt the same as a human.

Today’s AI can also be termed as narrow AI or weak AI because the machine is dedicated or narrowed down for only a specific task. It has not been given the power to adapt. Although, that is the final goal for AI.

Furthermore, let’s go to the other spectrum of online marketing – digital marketing. It is based on data, analytics, and research, which blends completely well with how an AI functions. Combining AI with digital marketing is already doing wonders for marketing strategies in terms of lead and conversions.

Now, we know that both of these will have a great impact on the future. So, let us walk you through some key aspects where AI has changed the digital marketing landscape.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management, aka CRM, is a business strategy that adapts to a customer-centric approach by filtering valid information and maximising the collection of user information. It is a perfect strategy to gain accurate insights.


With CRM and AI combined, businesses can now understand the consumers’ behavioural information – what product you will buy, how much do you ideally spend on products, which site you browse often and more. This practice allows companies to create an effective marketing strategy to increase leads and conversions.

Through this data, marketers analyse a consumer’s needs and adopt AI to boost sales. In this way, AI and CRM have helped change the digital landscape.

Content Marketing

With the blend of content marketing and AI, audience targeting has significantly improved. This feat was possible because of AI’s deductions based on the user’s behaviours and habits – allowing you to market your content better on the web.

For reference, intensive research suggests that 40% of millennials trust video content the most. It comes right on the second position after blogs. This information gathering was possible because of introducing AI for data fetching.

Using such insights, marketers will be able to generate more leads and conversions as well as reach easily to the users.

No one could’ve imagined that any product could be searched just by voice in the earlier ages. Isn’t it fascinating how AI can make such a significant effect on our lives?

Nowadays, websites are making their content voice-search friendly. If you don’t optimise your content, you won’t be able to tap into the voice search market.

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AI translates our speech into text and does instant research for the users. This gives users convenience and comfort.

Optimising your content for voice search is tricky. For reference, any user will ideally ask, “Where can I find some good Margherita pizza?” Here the user hasn’t mentioned the word restaurant, but he intends to see this in the result. Understanding user intent is key.

Today, nearly 60% of users use voice search to find information. Imagine the consumers that you will miss out on.

Applications of Chatbots


AI semantic recognition, voice conversion technology and language processing are the key elements in AI chatbots. They are created to make customer service easier by delivering a great user experience and streamlining communication.

As compared to traditional customer service, AI chatbots have many additional advantages:

  1. AI chatbots have gone beyond the traditional ‘one-on-one communication’ to ‘one-for-all communication.’ This helps provide support to the customers at any time, anyplace.
  2. AI chatbots don’t require any rest, allowing them to answer the users’ questions at all times. This proves that they are efficient and will provide support to the consumers even after working hours.
  3. Customers can choose any language they want while communicating with chatbots – allowing brands to tap into the users’ emotions and build relativity easily.

There are some of the many benefits AI chatbots offer and are currently making a big change in the digital marketing space.

Product Recommendation

In today digitalised era, every website is equipping itself with AI-powered systems. The main reason for this is to retain customers and acquire more traffic.

With the use of AI, streaming platforms such as YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and other e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Shopify are making product recommendation to the users based on the visitor’s behavioural data. This feat makes AI an all-rounder in every aspect.

Similarly, AI’s inclusion makes a marketer’s job easier as the only thing they have to worry about is analysing the data and remarketing. It helps in retaining a customer easily with reevaluated marketing strategies.

What Is the Future for AI and Digital Marketing?

While AI is already making a significant impact on the current market, experts believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is still a lot to explore. Eventually, AI’s ultimate goal is to become a strong AI – a term where AI will think, analyse, and adapt like a human.

Digital marketing will coexist with AI in terms of further narrowing down on users intent and understanding. One such concept named ‘Neuromarketing’ is already in motion. It is about studying the brain’s reaction to external factors and then creating more user-centric data.


These are some of the aspects that have witnessed a significant impact due to AI. Apart from these factors; automated marketing process, predictive customer behaviours, personalisation, lead generation, machine learning and social media marketing have also seen a comprehensive impact of AI.

To conclude, one thing to know for sure that the future of digital marketing will be more dedicated to the consumers’ needs and AI will always continue to remain a more formidable force.

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