SEO Innovation at Impression with New AI and Sitemap Extraction Tools

Creating SEO content and Auditing a website can be time-consuming and tedious. Digital growth agency, Impression, has launched two free tools that simplify this process.

Oapy is the AI tool that makes generating SEO content for meta descriptions, category pages text, page titles and more, incredibly easy. Most importantly, Oapy allows you to do this at scale. Oapy also considers your search intent (across commercial, informational, navigation, and transactional) and provides further instructions for additional refinement.

Enter the information you need to help support and scale your SEO strategy and wait for Oapy to work its magic.

The XML Sitemap URL Extractor is easy to use and free for everyone. Simply enter in the URL of your sitemap index or single sitemap file and hit ‘Go’ – you’ll then receive a table that contains all of the URLs and the sitemaps they were sourced from, gathered together in one place.

To help inform your SEO audits, all of this data can be downloaded from the tool as a CSV file in one smooth process. This all-in-one functionality cuts down on the wasted time you would tend to experience with other tools of this kind, few of which are able to offer sitemap index extraction to reduce the number of steps involved.

Use Cases for the Tool

The XML sitemap URL Extractor tool offers many advantages when it comes to technical SEO audits. First and foremost, it enables you to determine if all indexable and essential pages are being referenced in your XML sitemaps. On the flip side, you’ll also see if any non-indexable URLs are included, informing any work you do towards tidying up your sitemaps.

It can provide useful insights into how your other types of content such as images, videos and localised pages are being captured by your XML sitemaps. And if you’re looking to analyse your site’s information architecture, the tool also offers invaluable information through its categorisation of URLs based on sitemap source.

In the case of Oapy, when tasked with producing 80+ product pages for an ecommerce store, Oapy can help you cut down hours spent hand-crafting meta descriptions and category pages.

Oapy outputs a spreadsheet with content specific in your prompts, this could be ‘Write a small description of kitchen paint/wood paint/outdoor paint’. After proofreading and edits, you now have a complete list of category page text for the pages you need.

Why use Impression’s tools?

What makes Impression’s XML sitemap URL Extractor tool unique is its ability to support both single sitemap files and entire sitemap index files, eliminating extra stages in the process. With conventional tools, users have to find each individual XML sitemap URLs one-by-one then repeat the extraction process for each before compiling data.

Impression’s innovative tool does this all in one, offering a streamlined process to save you valuable time. It can fetch thousands of sitemap URLs faster than paid-for solutions that are available on the market, making it the perfect choice for SEO professionals.

Oapy is an innovative tool for SEOs that features a 2 prompt modes to help generate content. ‘Playground’ mode is suitable for testing and varied prompt engineering that you don’t need to scale. Test prompts and learn from their outputs while housed in the same environment as Oapy’s scaling feature. On the other hand, ‘Multiple keywords’ is Oapy’s powerhouse feature designed to generate content at scale.

Want to learn more? Check out the XML Sitemap URL Extractor and Oapy.

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