Minesoft Unveils Brand New Website by the SEO Works

Market-leading patent intelligence solution company Minesoft has recently revealed its brand new website – designed and developed by the award-winning Web team at The SEO Works.

Operating in a competitive industry has meant that Minesoft has consistently needed to innovate to stand out from the rest – but one area that they felt fell short of this was their website. Built on a very specific proprietary system, the website began to reach a number of different functionality limitations and didn’t reflect their branding as powerfully as required.

This led them to engage the Sheffield-based agency for assistance with a visual refresh and the agency more than delivered – incorporating eye-catching animations and branding.

It was also apparent that it wasn’t just the visual aspects of the site that were holding it back and that a complete rebuild would be needed in order to reach their digital goals. Impressed by the result of the refresh, the team at Minesoft decided that the award-winning web team would be the ideal candidates to deliver this rebuild.

One of the key reasons for making this decision was their proven history of successfully creating and implementing impressive visual designs while maintaining high technical proficiency and flexibility for back-end editing.

Not only that but, with an SEO campaign already underway with The SEO Works, the multi-service abilities of the agency impressed greatly. The diversity of digital knowledge meant they could trust that the new site would not only look great, but be SEO-friendly.

Marianne Alfaya, Marketing and Events Executive at Minesoft, said:

Our top priorities were user experience and backend functionality. Collaborating with both the SEO and web teams ensured that we had great support and all of the resources we needed to complete this project successfully. The SEO Works went above and beyond to meet our needs.

What followed was a website that completely fit the bill for Minesoft. With streamlined navigation, enhanced search functionality, and a responsive design, the site now provides an optimal browsing experience across all devices. But the work didn’t end there! The newly organised resource section completely embodied all things user experience, with access to their library of downloadables being easier than ever.


Graham Jones, Head of Web, said:

The team at Minesoft had a good grasp of the shortfalls in their previous site, particularly where content management was concerned. Being on the same page from the off in terms of objectives and deliverables made this project a pleasure to work on.

We were clear about what we wanted to achieve and how to achieve it; and that was a flexible, enterprise-level WordPress site that leveraged Advanced Custom Fields and Gutenberg blocks to their full potential, and with solid frontend design that was functional and on-point brand-wise.


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About Minesoft

Minesoft are a software company that provides industry-leading patent information solutions to help support IP professionals throughout the innovation process.

About The SEO Works

The SEO Works are an award-winning provider of digital marketing and websites for leading brands and prospering SME’s across the UK. We help businesses measure, understand, and fulfil their online potential.