RNO1 Presents LOLIWARE — The World’s First Edible Bioplastics

LOLIWARE is a revolutionary new drinking and eating experience: The World’s First Edible Bioplastics.

And, RNO1 were approached by the Co-Founders to craft a connective digital strategy for the upcoming appearance of LOLIWARE on ABC’s Hit US TV Show Shark Tank, along with a robust eCommerce experience to follow. They also handle their websites and digital platforms, digital strategy, UX/UI design, creative direction, prototyping and CMS development.





Leign Ann Tucker, Co-Founder commented,

Working with RNO1 has been a pleasure! Our site was buzzing with happy buyers (for Shark Tank night), and we’re now building our fully re-vamped eCommerce experience!

Resulting their efforts, LOLIWARE aired on Hit US TV Show ‘Shark Tank’ & was funded by Mark Cuban, billionaire investor & entrepreneur. Approx 1 MIL+ unique users landed on the website Shark Tank Week.

Plus, they even featured on Oprah.com as 50 Things That Will Make You Say “WOW!”.

About RNO1

RNO1 is a west coast digital experience agency, fueling growth for game-changing brands across platforms & places.


LOLIWARE has pioneered the world’s leading seaweed technology to replace single use plastics. LOLIWARE’s products harness LIST (LOLIWARE Intelligent Seaweed Technologies) to create single use items designed to disappear. LOLIWARE is poised to completely replace single-use plastics beginning with the launch of the company’s new seaweed-based straw. LOLIWARE’s Straw, The Straw of the Future, looks, feels and acts like plastic, but is made from 100% food grade materials. It is designed to disappear either through composting or natural processes.