PPC Geeks Has Been Named a 2022 Google Premier Partner

Recently, PPC Geeks received the incredible news that reverberated throughout the entire marketing sector.

They achieved 2022 Google Premier Partner status in the highly coveted and much revered Google Partners Programme, exemplifying their passion, dedication, and knowledge of the industry and PPC management in general.

Obtaining 2022 Google Premier Partner status proves their steadfast dedication to making a memorable, positive, and long-lasting impact on the marketing industry and also on behalf of their customers. This award is also a testament to the PPC Geeks team and their hard work, commitment, passion for generating a healthy ROI, and commitment to their individual disciplines, of which they are truly exceptional.

At PPC Geeks, they are extremely proud to have been named as the top 3% Google Ads agency in the world by Google themselves, and with it comes coveted Google Premier Partner Status. PPC Geeks work non-stop in pursuit of their objectives and wider goals – their aims are simple: provide their clients with best-in-class service and leave a positive mark on the advertising industry.

2022 Google Premier Partner Status

To be recognized as a Google Premier Partner, and therefore one of the best digital marketing agencies in the world is a status beyond the reach of many a PPC agency – but not of them here at PPC Geeks.

The Google Partners Programme has undergone significant change this year, including what it means to even be a Premier Partner in the first place. One monumental change, however, has been the introduction of new program requirements, of which PPC Geeks met with ease as they were able to show their accelerated growth and success managing Google Ad accounts.

Designed for marketing agencies, Google Ads specialists, Google Ad account managers, and PPC experts, everyone here at PPC Geeks is immensely proud to be awarded such esteemed status and join an exclusive group of talented agencies, incredible Google Ads consultants, inspiring individuals, and Google Ads experts.

Much like their own goals, Google’s objective is to empower agencies by recognizing their achievements; and, in doing so, the search engine giants thus provide them with desirable tools, coveted resources, and much-needed support.

Google Premier agencies – be them a PPC agency London or a PPC agency Manchester – stand out and help their clients succeed online and realize their objectives, a sentiment which was echoed by Davang Shah, Senior Director of Google Ads Marketing:

Congratulations to our Premier Partners for being among the top 3% of Google Partners in the UK.

Once he expressed his congratulations, Davang continued:

These companies stand out based on their commitment to developing product expertise, building new client relationships, and helping their current clients to grow. We look forward to supporting them as they help their customers succeed online.

The list of services they provide at PPC Geeks is endless – from Google based assets to an intricate PPC audit, the integral service PPC Geeks provide brands and business owners across the UK and the world is unmatched, and now they have 2022 Google Premier Partner Status that recognizes their commitment to their network of inspiring clients.


2022 Google Premier Partner: PPC Geeks Named In The Top 3% of Google Ads Agencies

To be a top 3% Google Ads company is no mean feat, so as you can expect, we were quite pleased when the news broke earlier this year.

So ecstatic in fact, that their Co-Founder, Dan Trotter had this to say:

We are all incredibly proud to be recognized by Google as one of the top-performing agencies in the world. We would like to thank all of our amazing PPC experts who, without them, we would not have gotten this prestigious award. It truly is an amazing achievement for all of the PPC Geeks team. Our team has continued to grow over the years with our skill base and expertise now being recognized by Google themselves.

Being a 2022 Google Premier Partner comes with a wide selection of perks, which PPC Geeks bestow upon their clients through their work and passion for self-improvement. That said, Dan went further in his analysis of the situation, touching upon the teams’ incredible dedication to the industry of which they have led from the front for so long now.

He continued:

It has been a pleasure helping so many brands develop and grow by providing best-in-class PPC marketing services. Thank you to all of the team and our amazing clients who let us use our experience in their PPC management to get them the best results possible. This is a truly great way to start 2022 by being named as a 2022 Google Premier Partner and being within the top 3% of Google Partners.

Benefits of 2022 Google Premier Partner Status

The benefits of being a 2022 Google Premier Partner are tenfold. Whether it’s early access to educational materials, accreditations and bespoke consumer insights, or product betas and Google Shopping agency-based rewards, being a Google Premier Partner comes with a number of key advantages.

In addition, their newfound access to Google’s advanced support network has already proved hugely beneficial, while their executive models have been worthwhile beyond belief and have helped the advancement of many of their clients’ enterprises.

Not to forget, such high status also means that PPC Geeks can market themselves to any prospective clients as Google experts, displaying several reward types, partner badges, and awards on their marketing materials and website respectively. In short, the possibilities are truly endless thanks to them acquiring 2022 Google Premier Partner status.

PPC Geeks: A 2022 Google Premier Partner

Not to disregard any other agency, but the number of companies recognized by Google has been significantly reduced this year. With this in mind, their recognition by the expert Google panel is a reflection of not only their incredible results, output, account acceleration, client retention, and workplace satisfaction but also their dedication to Google’s advertising platforms and trust in them as a forward-thinking engine for positive change in the industry.

Being a client of PPC Geeks now means something else entirely. With exclusive access to betas, advanced support, and industry-only metrics, PPC Geeks are now providing a level of service that goes beyond what many agencies can provide.

So, why not invest in a free Google Ads audit from the top 3% Google Ads agency in the world and enjoy an unprecedented level of service?

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