PPC Geeks Achieves Good Business Charter Accreditation

The Good Business Charter is an accreditation which organisations of various shapes and sizes in the UK can sign up to in recognition of responsible business practices. Accredited organisations include FTSE100 companies, partnerships, local authorities, universities, SMEs, charities and sole traders – and so it gives me great pleasure to say that PPC Geeks has now joined this esteemed list.

Indeed, the Good Business Charter accreditation measures behaviour over ten stringent components, including: paying a real living wage; fairer hours and ethical contracts; employee wellbeing; employee representation; diversity and inclusion; environmental responsibility; paying fair tax; commitment to customers; ethical sourcing; and prompt payment.

Back in 2022, we at PPC Geeks were extremely pleased to find out the news that we had achieved our Good Business Charter accreditation, which recognises our ongoing commitment to exhibiting good business practices in line with the Good Business foundation.

The principles, values and ethos of the Good Business Charter very much align with our own ethics here at PPC Geeks, and so we were very proud and extremely honoured to be able to say that we are now one of only a few digital marketing agencies in the UK to exhibit the Good Business Charter logo with pride.

Good Business Charter accreditation is a first for us as an agency, but it is something we’ve coveted for a while, and it has been a wonderful year in which we have been proud to share a list with some of the most renowned advertising agencies in the world. That said, this achievement is dedicated to the hard work and commitment shown by our awe inspiring team of PPC experts who should look back on the awarding of this accreditation with the utmost pride.

What is the Good Business Charter and Why is it Important?

The Good Business Charter is an independent not-for-profit organisation supported by the CBI and TUC. The Good Business Charter provides considerable expertise from leading business figures from a range of industries, sectors and disciplines. In practice, the Good Business Charter aims to break down obstacles to ensure businesses who act responsibly can join the charter, get accredited and, most importantly, pass their findings onto their customers.

The time is now to promote responsible business behaviour and encourage businesses to change their way of working in order to encourage good business practice. Improving accountability, equality, and climate awareness, the Good Business Charter simply wants to see the business world conduct itself more appropriately, something Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the RSA, and big supporter of the charter agrees with:

The Good Business Charter is a comprehensive and user-friendly way for organisations to help show they care and for the rest of us to spend our money ethically.

Achieving Good Business Charter status is reliant on organisations being honest and wanting to change, and we believe that nowadays businesses are more aware of the journey they need to undertake to compete with other accredited businesses in the future.

Why is PPC Geeks Deserving Recipients of the Good Business Charter Accreditation

At PPC Geeks, we have always practised ‘good business’, be that being a real living wage provider, paying a fair amount of tax, caring for the environment or showing commitment to our clients. However, obtaining our Good Business Charter accreditation means we must now uphold our high standards, regardless of any external factors. That said, this will only help us to continue to improve, from building on our dedication to help tackle climate change and reach net zero by 2050, to implementing a number of processes and procedures aimed at improving the structures of the business.

PPC Geeks is one of the most decorated PPC agencies in the UK, and our Good Business Charter accreditation sits alongside the range of awards and accolades we have won as being up there with any of them, whether that is our PromotionWorld award, British Business Awards shortlisting, or being ranked the number one PPC agency in the UK. It is also good to add that PPC Geeks is committed to being ‘responsible, ethical and sustainable’ in everything we do. PPC Geeks believes that businesses have a ‘responsibility to contribute positively to society and the environment,’ something we take extremely seriously.

With this in mind, we are confident in our ability to deliver on our promises made to the Good Business Charter, but that does not mean we do not want to build upon the progress we have made so far. It is our goal to embody the ten values set out by the charter, exemplifying good business practice across the industry.

PPC Geeks – Good Business Charter Accredited

We pride ourselves on what we achieve for our clients on a daily basis, be that great results or ensuring to them that we always operate with their best interest in mind. Contact PPC Geeks to see how we can help boost your ROI when investing in an agency that IS good Business Charter accredited.

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