Generating More Leads With Inbound Marketing: Explained by Hubspot Platinum Partner Agency WEBITMD

One of our top branded agencies, WEBITMD, has answered our questions regarding their Hubspot Platinum partnership and inbound marketing service.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the Creative Director Chris Homan, Growth Marketing Lead Andrew Copeland, Director of Paid Media Matt Moore and, of course, the Founder & CEO Mattan Danino, who have collaborated with us for this valuable Q&A.

Q1: How would you describe the importance of Hubspot for a digital agency?

For us at WEBITMD, tools & technology are critical to drive success for our agency and our clients. We’ve partnered with HubSpot as we felt confident their tools across marketing, sales, and customer service fit perfectly for our clients and the engagements we execute for them.

by Mattan Danino, Founder & CEO

Q2: As a Hubspot Platinum Partner, why is WEBITMD’s role important to Hubspot?

It’s a two-way street! We help HubSpot grow and they help us do the same. We have been recognized as a top tier HubSpot Platinum Partner in all three markets that we have a presence (Los Angeles, New York City, and Dallas). Our Founder & CEO, Mattan Danino, is also very active in the HubSpot community participating in focus groups, discussion boards, and collaborating closely with the HubSpot Solutions Partner team.

by Chris Homan, Creative Director


Q3: You define WEBITMD’s approach as “Growth Stack” on your website. What should your potential clients get from it?

The WEBITMD Growth Stack is our flagship offering. It is an end-to-end marketing and sales solution best suited for mid-sized businesses looking to drive measurable growth.

Our approach sales starts at the foundation of how humans consume information and make purchase decisions. From brand awareness to content-rich education to technology-assisted sales; our Growth Stack brings together the strategy & tactics to drive bottom-line growth.

We always say:

Our goal is to allow our clients to focus on running their businesses while we focus on growing them.

by Mattan Danino, Founder & CEO


Q4: What are the most significant benefits of the Growth Stack for businesses?

We describe our Growth Stack offering with 3 core benefits; efficiency, effectiveness, and scale.

We seek to empower our clients to be more efficient with their marketing and sales initiatives but leveraging the latest in technology and formulated processes. With that efficiency, our clients can then make more effective decisions that will positively impact the outcome of their investments. Only then do we look at the scale and how to “smartly” grow with velocity.

by Andrew Copeland, Growth Marketing Lead

Q5: Could you mention a case study elaborating the advantages of inbound marketing?

Absolutely! We’ve had some amazing engagements both in the DTC (direct-to-consumer) space and B2B (business-to-business) in which typically results we’ve found range from a 2x-5x return on their investment with WEBITMD annually.

We can’t mention any specific names due to privacy but feel free to check out our clients & case studies section on our website.

by Mattan Danino, Founder & CEO

Q6: How does WEBITMD benefit from inbound marketing as a digital agency so as to attract more clients?

We’ve never picked up the phone to make a cold call! The modern buyer is no longer dependent on salespeople for information to make purchase decisions. Nurturing contacts through the buying process by educating them and building trust is one of the most effective ways to convert contacts into qualified sales opportunities.

We use that strategy ourselves at WEBITMD and drive prospects to knock on our door every day. This strategy changes the dynamic of the sale process and also allows us to be selective about those prospective clients that are good fits for a partnership together.

by Matt Moore, Director of Paid Media

Q7: As one of our top branded agencies, how would you explain the main advantages of being a DAN member?

DAN has and continues to be a great partner and resource for WEBITMD to share educational information about digital marketing & sales strategies for the world to learn from. We have been partnered with DAN for 4+ years and continue to see the benefits of contributing to the community!

by Mattan Danino, Founder & CEO



WEBITMD is a growth marketing & sales agency that delivers an engineered approach combining marketing strategies & tactics with sales technology & automation.